• Glass Two Way Mirror

    Glass two way mirror are better suited than acrylic mirrors for many types of projects. The glass is flatter than the acrylic and has a slight bronze tint. The glass is directional--it is only reflective from one side. The observer is able to see straight through it, but from the other side, all the people are able to see is a regular mirror. We can temper the glass to increase its strength by 10x. The glass is rated for outdoor use and has a highly durable coating which can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner and paper towels.

  • acrylic two way mirror

    Acrylic Two Way Mirror

    The acrylic is virtually shatterproof and has a silver coating, which allows it to look exactly like a standard mirror. The acrylic is equally reflective from both sides, so it's critical the observation side is much less illuminated than the side which is being observed, ideally pitch black. The acrylic mirrors pass the "fingernail test" so they are more covert than glass mirrors. They are more optically clear than glass, so video quality when recording through them is improved.

  • two way mirror dome

    Two Way Mirror Dome

    It's easy to hide a ceiling-mounted security camera using a quarter or half dome acrylic two way mirror. They are designed to allow as much light through as possible, while preventing customers or employees from being able to see the camera and which way it is aimed. This is especially useful for pan/tilt/zoom cameras, so you can covertly monitor the area.

  • two way mirror film

    Two Way Mirror Film

    Our mirror film adheres to clear window glass, transforming it into a two way mirror. Although the glass and acrylic we sell are higher grade materials, the film can be a fast, low-cost solution for projects with windows already installed.