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Stereoscopic Mirror - Product Description

Stereoscopic Mirror

A Stereoscopic Mirror, also known as a beamsplitter mirror, has a semi-transparent mirror coating on a low iron glass. The low iron property is a critical aspect for various applications that require a glass that is extremely color neutral, with no color tint. Our stereoscopic mirrors are the best quality available on the market. The optical grade beamsplitter coating allows you to record flawless videos in 8K resolution and above. On the other side of the glass is an anti-reflective coating which prevents the double reflection observed in regular glass, also known as “ghosting”. The coatings are durable, allowing easy cleaning with standard glass cleaner and paper towels. We thoroughly sand the edges for your protection, and carefully pack them in styrofoam with full insurance to make sure you receive the mirrors in immaculate condition. With our industry-leading 90 day return policy, you can try any of our products with complete confidence.

We stock large sizes of Stereoscopic Mirrors, and our experts are standing by to cut and package them immediately. The calculator above provides immediate pricing and ordering.

Watch the Stereoscopic Mirror in Action!

A Stereoscopic Mirror also known as a beamsplitter mirror, provides superior optical quality for engineering and scientific applications. The front side of the mirror has a reflective, tint-free dielectric coating, while the back side of the mirror has an anti-reflective coating. Stereoscopic Mirrors prevent double images, making them ideal for illusions such as Pepper’s Ghost and Holograms.

Order Online Now

Buy a Stereoscopic Mirror directly online now in a trapezoid shape, custom shape, or a sample. To get pricing for special shapes, simply email us at with a quote request.

Stereoscopic Mirror Hologram in Action

A stereoscopic mirror, also known as a mirror, provides superior optical quality for scientific and optical engineering applications. Stereoscopic Mirrors are also the best glass to use when creating holograms, along with other illusions such as Pepper’s Ghost. 

  • Optical Grade
  • Anti-Reflection Backside
  • Carefully Packaged
  • Fully Insured
  • Fast Shipping
  • Sanded Edges
  • Durable Coating
  • Worldwide Service
  • Guaranteed Quality 
  • Custom Mirror Sizes
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarentee
  • Buy Mirror Directly Online
Pepper's Ghost

Pepper’s Ghost Illusions can be viewed all over the world especially within haunted houses, hands on exhibits, Universal Studios, and at Disney World. The essential device employed to stage the illusion is a Stereoscopic Mirror, also known as an optical beamsplitter mirror. Stereoscopic Mirrors possess the ability to combine two images towards the audience’s point of view. The image of one scene is reflected from the glass surface towards the viewers, and the image of a second scene is transmitted through the glass.

Order a Sample

Mirror samples are an excellent way to evaluate the quality of our mirrors before investing in a larger mirror. Edges are sanded for your safety.

6″ x 6″ Stereoscopic Mirror 3mm (1/8″) Thickness

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6″ x 6″ Stereoscopic Mirror 4mm (5/32″) Thickness

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Technical Specifications
  • 50% Reflective
  • 50% Transparent
  • Color Neutral/Tint Free
  • 1/8″ and 5/32″ Thicknesses
  • Max Size: 49″ x 70″
  • Made in USA
  • Cutting Accuracy: +/- 1/16″
  • Lead time: 1 day until shipped
  • Custom Sizes Available
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do We Ship World Wide?

Yes, we ship worldwide via FedEx. For your convenience shipping is automatically calculated during the check out process. Duties and taxes are billed separately upon delivery.

Does Stereoscopic Glass Work with 3D Displays or Camera Rigs?

Yes! Our Stereoscopic Glass is ideal for both 3D displays and camera rigs.

What is the Largest Size Available?

Our largest available size is 49″x70″ in both 3mm and 4mm thicknesses.

How Likely is my Glass to Break During Shipping?

We carefully package and fully insure all of our shipments. If it should arrive broken, please send us pictures of the box and the broken glass. We will then ship you a replacement right away!

Are the Mirrors Sharp?

We carefully sand the edges and corners with a wet belt sander in order to ensure that any sharp edges are removed and the glass is safe for handling. 

How Should I Clean a Stereoscopic Mirror?

To maximum the life of the mirror coating, we recommend isopropyl alcohol 50% solution (lens cleaner). The best wipes for cleaning are Kimwipes, which is a specialty item you may not find in local stores.

How Accurate is Our Cutting?

We typically cut to +/- 1/16″ (1.5mm) unless added accuracy is requested.

Is a stereoscopic a 50/50 beamsplitter?

By default, we offer a 40R/60T for maximum tint-free transparency, and 50/50 is available upon request.

About Us

Our factory is located in Toledo, Ohio and we have been manufacturing beamsplitter mirror products for twenty years. We offer superior optical grade quality, expert packaging, fast customer support, and ship your order efficiently and quickly, usually within one day.