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For government orders, we do have a DUNS and CAGE code. DUNS: 859769122 & CAGE CODE: 7SCR5

Ballistic Glass

A ballistic glass or mirror is typically only used in places where bullets are a huge problem. A ballistic glass will have several laminated layers, switching between glass and poly to achieve a certain level of bullet resistance. The more layers, the more it holds up.

Ballistic Two Way Mirror Sample

Ballistic Two Way Mirror Side View


  • Multiple laminated layers
  • Thicker than normal glass
  • Thickness: 1 3/16″ (customizable)
  • Clear or Two Way Coating
  • Max Size: 96″ x 126″
  • Approx 13 lbs/sq.ft. (varies)
  • Cutting Accuracy +/- 1/16″
  • Level 3 Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Lead time is 3 weeks


Product Description

Thickness plays a huge part in a product’s ability to resist bullets. Ballistic glass is designed to remain intact for one bullet or one round of bullets. Depending on the force of the bullet being fired and what type of weapon is used, a thicker piece of bullet-resistant glass is needed to stop a bullet with more force. For instance, a shot fired from a 9mm pistol is less powerful than one fired from a rifle. Therefore, the required thickness of bullet-resistant glass for a 9mm pistol is less than is needed for a rifle. The final thickness of bullet-resistant glass usually ranges from about .25 inches to 3 inches.

Our Ballistic Glass comes in Clear or with a Two Way Mirror coating. In our price calculator we offer the 1 3/16″ thick ballistic glass because it is the industry standard. The thickness can vary depending on what level of security that needs to be met.

Ballistic Glass consists of several layers, combining the toughness of tempered glass with the strength and shatterproof abilities of plastics.

Technical Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

This glass is tested to resist bullets when used in vehicles and buildings. We can help you order the perfect composition for maximum security.