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Teleprompter Mirror Product Information

teleprompter mirror

A glass teleprompter mirror, also known as a beamsplitter mirror, is a transparent mirror that reflects text from your screen while a camera records through it. The back side of the mirror has an anti-reflective coating which prevents “ghosting,” which is a double image you’d see when using standard glass.

Learn about: instant pricing & ordering for beamsplitter glass, as well as speech teleprompters, step-by-step guides to building a teleprompter, and free teleprompter software which is voice activated.

Teleprompter Mirror

What makes a teleprompter mirror different than a two way mirror?

The glass teleprompter mirrors we manufacture are to the highest level of quality available–the same mirrors used in professional teleprompters costing thousands. Recording through them is tint-free and flawless in 1080p, 4k, and 8k.

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Teleprompter Mirror Product Description

A Glass Teleprompter Mirror, also known as a “Beamsplitter Mirror”, is a semi-transparent mirror that is color neutral, meaning that the mirror has no tint.

Teleprompter Mirror, tablet and fingertip test.

The tint free glass allows you to record a video through the mirror with flawless picture quality.  The back side of the mirror is equipped with an anti-reflective coating, which prevents the appearance of double images that are commonly observed on some other systems.

Our Glass Teleprompter Mirrors are commonly the go to mirror for use in professional teleprompter setups. Our Glass Teleprompter Mirrors provide the highest optical quality available on the market. Providing flawless recording quality in 1080p, 4k, and higher resolutions.

Teleprompter Mirror

Glass Teleprompter Mirrors are the same mirrors used in professional teleprompters, costing $20,000 and more. Our Teleprompter Mirrors possess the highest optical quality available for purchase, and provide flawless recording in 1080p, 4k, and higher resolutions. One side of the glass is mirror coated, and the other side has an anti-reflective coating. The anti-reflective coating will prevent any double reflections, allowing your camera to record through the glass with immaculate picture and video quality – while providing a crisp reflection of the text for the face of the video.

Order Online Now

Buy the Teleprompter Mirror directly online in custom sizes. We can also do custom shapes. To get pricing for shapes not listed below, email us at with a quote request.

Lead time: Ships right away. Order before 4pm EST to get it the next day with overnight shipping!

Recording with a Teleprompter

Recording Makeup Tutorials

Placing a shroud on the Teleprompter

Glass Teleprompter Mirrors serve multiple purposes, since the camera is able to record directly through the tint free glass with full detail.

Teleprompter Mirror Features

Optical Quality Teleprompter Mirrors, also known as “Dielectric Beamsplitter Mirrors”, allow a camera to record through with flawless picture quality – while providing a crisp reflection of your text.The reflective side has a tint-free mirror coating, and the backside has an anti-reflective coating, to prevent a double image. Double images are commonly seen in cheap teleprompter glass and is also known as “ghosting.” In addition to squares and rectangles, we also offer trapezoids and other shapes.

  • Optical Grade – Dielectric beamsplitter technology provides tint-free light transmission
  • Fast Shipping – We are standing by to cut and ship your order immediately.
  • Expert Packaging – Carefully packed and fully insured to protect your investment
  • Durable Coating – Clean with standard glass cleaner and paper towels
  • Worldwide Service – We carefully package and ship the mirrors from the USA
  • Guaranteed Quality – Engineered for exceptional optics
Presidential Teleprompter

The Presidential Teleprompter arrives fully equipped with a tripod stand, Glass Teleprompter Mirror, also known as “Beamsplitter Glass”, and laptop tray. Our Presidential Teleprompters are easy to use and come with absolutely anything every simple-but-effective tool that you will need to deliver a quality speech or record a flawless video. The Presidential is ready to use the moment it arrives to your front door! To sweeten the deal, we include free teleprompter software that is compatible with all operating systems.

Presidential Teleprompter Features
  • Heavy Duty Stand and Clip Prevents Tipping
  • Instant Assembly and Disassembly
  • 14″ x 14″ Optical Grade Beamsplitter Mirror
  • Custom Size Glass Available
  • Compatible with 10″ to 24″ Tablets, Laptops, & Monitors
  • Outdoor Teleprompter Glass Available
  • Use with Larger Displays with Optional Stand
  • Free Teleprompter Software Included
  • Adjustable Height up to 8 ft
  • Adjustable Glass Angle
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • In Stock, Immediate Shipping
  • Great Value at Only $799.95
  • Expert Customer Support
Halo Teleprompter

The Halo makes video creation fun and easy! Unlike a standard teleprompter, where you read scrolling text, the Halo allows you to focus on your body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions while you create fast videos. No longer will you be distracted and slowed down by scrolling text, tedious rehearsing, and reliance on clunky teleprompter software.

  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Beauty Bloggers
  • Video Creation
  • Photo Booth
  • Going Live
  • Lighting & Teleprompter in One
Halo Teleprompter Features
  • Lightweight – Weighs just 20 lbs
  • Easy Setup – No assembly required
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Optical Quality – 18″ Diameter Optical Grade Beamsplitter Mirror
  • No Software Required
  • Adjustable Height – The stand expands to a maximum height of 8 feet (2.4 meters)
  • Adjustable Angle – Easily tweak the glass to the perfect angle for viewability
  • 90-Day Returns – Hate it? Send it back to us!
  • Ships Immediately – We keep the Halo in stock and ready to go.
  • Great Value – It’s just $899.95
  • Compatibility – Use a cell phone, DSLR, or camcorder to record thru it.
Teleprompter Mirror Applications

Optical Quality Teleprompter Mirrors allow a camera to record through the glass with flawless picture quality, as well as providing tint free viewing experience.

  • Recording Scripted Videos – With Eye Contact
  • Photo Booth
  • Photography
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Going Live
  • Beauty Blogging
  • Animal Observation

Pepper's Ghost

Order a Sample

Mirror samples are an excellent way to evaluate the superior quality of our mirrors, before investing in a larger mirror. Edges are sanded for your safety.

6″ x 6″ Samples Price
30R/70T – 3mm Thick $14.95 Order
30R/70T – 4mm Thick $14.95 Order
40R/60T – 3mm Thick $14.95 Order
40R/60T – 4mm Thick $14.95 Order
Client Reviews
Technical Specifications
  • Dielectric Beamsplitter Mirror
  • 3mm, 4mm, 6mm Thicknesses Available
  • Edges Always Sanded For Safety
  • Tint Free Glass
  • Standard or Rounded Corners
  • Transparency Options: 30R/70T, 40R/60T
  • Cutting Tolerance is Typically +/- 1/16″ Unless Otherwise Specified
  • Fully Insured Shipments
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
Product Options

Transparency: 30R/70T stands for 30% reflective, 70% transparent. 40R/60T is slightly more reflective, while still offering great tint-free transparency for the camera. Most clients choose 40R/60T for the best of both worlds, but we offer both options to accommodate manufacturers and enthusiasts seeking a certain specification for their units.

3mm vs 4mm Thickness: Optically, they are practically the identical, however 3mm is about half as strong as 4mm. 3mm is typically only preferred for applications where you’re trying to fit the glass into a tight groove (an existing teleprompter you already own), or where you need a lightweight mirror. 4mm is stronger and tends to be the choice for many clients.

Standard vs Rounded Corners: Standard corners are ideal for best price and going in a frame. Rounded corners offer a stylistic advantages when the edges are exposed, and avoid getting snagged on clothing in a Presidential Teleprompter setup (they’re less likely to be bumped).

Product Videos
Halo Teleprompter Videos
Product Gallery
Teleprompter Mirror Samples Reflection
Teleprompter Mirror
Teleprompter Mirror
Teleprompter Mirror
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Carefully is the Glass Packaged?

We have 20 years shipping glass, and make sure everything is perfectly packaged. If the glass should break, just send us pictures right away and we’ll replace it at no cost to you.

How Durable are the Mirrors?

The mirror coating is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. It is unlikely to be scratched by most objects. You can use paper towels on it without worrying.

How do I find the mirror side?

The coating is applied to one side of the glass. In order to find the mirror coated side you can place your fingernail on the glass. If you see no gap between your finger and the glass, then that is the mirror coated side. You can learn more about finding the mirror coated side Here.

What Do I Used to Clean the Mirrors?

The mirror coating is very durable, so you can simply use glass cleaner and paper towels. Read our full guide on cutting, cleaning and maintenance with optical mirrors.

Teleprompter Mirror Wavechart?
Teleprompter Mirror Wavechart
What's the Difference Between a Teleprompter Mirror and a Two Way Mirror?

A Teleprompter Mirror is extremely transparent, so it is ideal for recording in the absolute best quality. A Two Way Mirror is intended for privacy, since it only allows 11% of the light to pass through the mirror. Read the full article on the teleprompter mirror versus the two way mirror.

How Do I Make a DIY Teleprompter Using Your Glass?

Making your own teleprompter can be easy and fun! Follow our diy teleprompter guide and start teleprompting now!

International Duties & Taxes?

Duties & taxes are billed separately for international shipments by FedEx or UPS.

How Does a Teleprompter Mirror Work?

An Optical Grade Teleprompter Mirror is created by dipping large sheets of low iron glass (color neutral) into a solution of dielectric filters (nanotechnology), which is then baked on for a permanent, highly durable bond. The dielectric mirror allows a precise percentage of the light to pass though while reflecting the remainder. Before the use of dielectric coatings, the old fashioned way of making beamsplitter glass was to apply a thin layer of silver nitrate and other metals (to prevent oxidation/tarnishing). This technique worked fairly well, but the resulting mirrors were tinted and easily scratched.

What Angle Does the Mirror Need to be at?

The Glass Teleprompter Mirror works great from any angle. When teleprompting, the glass is typical angled slightly more than 45 degrees for easy reading. For other applications, it’s usually at a 90 degree angle for observation (makeup mirror, model photography, animal observation).

How Good is Our Quality?

We have been in the glass manufacturing business for more than 20 years and we’ve found that combining dielectric mirror technology with low iron glass, we are able to achieve the best quality on the market.

Can I Purchase Wholesale Quantities?

Yes, a decent portion of our sales are to teleprompter manufacturers. Bulk quantity shipments are our specialty. Please contact us with the size, quantity, and address for a fast quote.

What Type of Mirror Coating is on a Glass Teleprompter Mirror?

A Glass Teleprompter Mirror coating is applied to low iron glass, which is a non-metallic, non-conductive mirror coating. This provides a much higher quality than standard metal coatings on soda lime float glass.

What is the Largest Size Available?

We can make up to 49″x70″ in 3mm and 4mm, and up to 69″x126″ in 6mm thickness.

Most Popular Sizes for iPad & Laptop?

The most popular sizes are 8″x10″ for iPad’s and 11″x14″ for laptops.

How Fast Can We Ship Your Order?

Our Glass Experts are standing by waiting to cut and ship your order. Our priority is getting your order shipped quickly and accurately.

Do We Ship Internationally?

Yes, international shipping is routine for us. We will prepare all paperwork accurately to ensure a fast, easy delivery. Typically shipments via Economy arrive in one week, and Priority arrives in 2-3 days to many countries (Canada is usually 1 day). Please note that you will need to pay duties & taxes separately, which is charged on delivery by FedEx.

How Do We Package Glass to Ensure It Does Not Break?

We have over 15 years experience using the ideal packaging for each shipment, which is typically foam, bubble wrap, and edge protectors. We crate larger shipments. Our shipments are fully insured for your protection. Please inspect items on delivery when possible. If your shipment should arrive broken, please take a photo of the damaged box/crate (including shipping label), and a photo of the broken product, and we will be able to ship your replacement.

Am I Able to Paint the Back to Increase the Reflection?

Yes, you can paint any part of the uncoated side with paint (spray or roll on) that is designed for glass surfaces such Rust-o-leum UltraCover 2x or High Heat, which you can find at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Walmart. Make sure there is still an area in the center for the camera to shoot through. The best color to use is black (blends in with unpainted area the best). Be sure not to use silver or white paint. Mask off the area you don’t want to paint with blue painters tape. Important: use only Scotch Edge Lock painters tape for best results. Press hard on the tape to ensure paint doesn’t get under it. Practice on a sample mirror first to make sure you’re getting the desired effect.

Can This Mirror be Used for Photography, Modeling, or Makeup?

Yes, Glass Teleprompter Mirrors work great for recording through the mirror, while seeing your reflection. To make the mirror more reflective, many of our clients paint the back black, or use a black vinyl to mask off the back, except for the camera area.