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Two Way Mirror Dome

A two way mirror dome allows you to hide a camera discreetly behind it. Install it on your ceiling prevent to theft and other criminal activity. The dome mirror also provides a wide angle view of the reflection of customers and employees. It works by making the area dark where the camera is hiding. So the customers and employees can only see the mirror and not where the camera is pointing.

Half Dome Security Mirror

Half Dome Two Way Mirror


  • Product Photography
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores
  • Jails & Prisons
  • Interrogation Rooms
  • Candid Camera Shows
  • Clubs & Bars

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Pricing & Ordering

Order Quarter Dome

18″ Diameter 1/4 Dome $179.95

$179.95Add to cart

26″ Diameter 1/4 Dome $299.95

$299.95Add to cart

Quarter Dome Photo

Quarter Dome Two Way Mirror
Quarter Dome Two Way Mirror In Reception Room

Order Half Dome

18″ Diameter Half Dome – $449.95

$449.95Add to cart

26″ Diameter Half Dome – $599.95

$599.95Add to cart

Half Dome Photo

Half Dome Two Way Mirror
two way mirror dome hospital

Order Full Dome

18″ Diameter Full Dome – $799.95

$799.95Add to cart

26″ Diameter Full Dome – $999.95

$999.95Add to cart

Full Dome Photo

Full Dome Two Way Mirror
Full dome security mirror in retail shop shows how added security can easily be added to the ceiling.

Fast Shipping

We start packaging the mirrors as soon as you place your order.

Worldwide Ordering

We ship worldwide from our factory in Toledo, Ohio

Easy Installation

Takes less than 5 minutes with a power drill.

High Quality

Excellent light transmission for high quality recordings.


Lightweight, durable acrylic provides ceiling safety.

Durable Acrylic

Manufactured from high-grade acrylic for durability.

Recommended Cleaning Tools



Zeiss Glass Cleaner (50% Isopropyl Alcohol)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Full Dome Mirror used for?

A full dome two way mirror can be used for surveillance on ceilings or walls. It shows all sides of a 4-way intersection. 

What is a Half Dome Mirror used for?

A Half dome mirror can be placed between a wall and the ceiling. It is smaller than the full dome. The ceiling will cover the top of the dome, and the wall will cover the side of the dome. It shows hallways. 

What is the quarter dome used for?

A quarter dome fits perfectly in corners of the room. Quarter dome mirrors are best used for two-way intersections and corners.

What do the Domes come with?

The domes come with chains if you would like to hang the dome rather than attach it directly to the ceiling.

Why should I use a Two way mirror Dome?

Two way mirror domes show safety and security reflections. They allow you to see what is around the corner, as well as what is behind you. Dome mirrors are great for factories, stores, or anywhere that has tight spaces and corners. Having a two way dome mirror allows you to place a security camera and record straight through the dome.

Can you record through the dome?

Yes! You can record through the dome. The camera will not be visible from the outside of the dome.

Can I use the two way mirror dome outside?

The dome is made of plastic with a special mirror coating on it. You can place it outdoors, but we do not recommend it.

Which one should I use for a small office?

The quarter dome would work best in an office atmosphere! It will connect to the corner of the wall.

What size should I get?

A good rule of thumb to remember is that there is one foot of viewing per each inch of mirror. As an example, if planning on placing a convex mirror into an area that is expected to view 25 feet, then select a convex mirror that is 26” in diameter.

Will the Dome break?

The Dome is made out of acrylic, so it does not shatter upon impact like glass. It is great in a factory setting near machines that are constantly moving and running around.

What sizes do you have?

  • 18” Diameter Quarter Dome
  • 18” Diameter Half Dome
  • 18” Diameter Full Dome
  • 26” Diameter Quarter Dome
  • 26” Diameter Half Dome
  • 26” Diameter Full Dome

Where do you ship?

We ship fragile glass and acrylic worldwide with 19 years of experience.