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What is a doomsday bunker? Have you ever thought about the apocalypse? Or a worldwide virus breakout?

If your answer is “Yes”, then you’ve probably thought about where you’re going to stay and live for that time. Somewhere safe, I assume?

This video shows how elaborate you can be with hidden bunkers!

Bunkers are used and created for global or national outbreaks. They can be underground, above ground, or anywhere.

Bunkers are great for having when a disease such as Coronavirus hits and there is nowhere else to go. They are also useful for when there is a tornado, intruder, or any type of disaster.

Many people have bunkers for tornadoes, outbreaks, and more. Some places even have turned it into a luxury fad.

To view some of the more luxurious bunkers, you can visit this link! Billionaire bunkers: How the 1% are preparing for the apocalypse

Though, underground bunkers can get super expensive. So, how else can you protect your family through a crisis or apocalypse?

One way that you can put more protection into your home is by adding ballistic glass to your windows.

What is Ballistic Glass?

Ballistic glass is not “Bullet proof” glass, because bulletproof glass does not exist. However, it is extremely resistant glass that will stop bullets from entering your home.

Unlike Hollywood expectations, the ballistic glass will not keep all of the bullets out. Once it continues to be shot at, then it will start to break. However, it does greatly slow down the possibility of home invasion and entry.

You could even use the ballistic glass to put in jewelry stores, business buildings, and even car windows.

Ballistic glass is a great addition to any home or survival bunker.

Also, if you’re worried about bacteria forming inside your bunker or hideout, have no fear!

There is also an antimicrobial glass that eliminates bacteria when they come in contact.

The antimicrobial glass is great for eliminating bacteria from glass objects that we touch daily. I mean, think about it! How often do you touch something that’s super public and a lot of people touch and then touch your phone?

Antimicrobial glass is great for your survival bunker.

How does the Antimicrobial Glass Work?

The glass has an antibacterial agent called ionic silver, which is put into the glass for sustained activity.

The glass has unique materials and contents that kill the bacteria that is placed upon the glass.

This video explains how the antimicrobial glass kills the bacteria. They use the glass on phones with a touch screen, but the glass can be used for many other glass objects.

Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass

For more information about the antimicrobial glass, read this article!

Corning Unveils World’s First Antimicrobial Cover Glass

Creating a safe space is important for any emergency.

If you do want to go the dooms-day bunker route, then you can certainly modify it and make it luxurious!

You can use our dielectric mirror to create a Hidden Television. This is great for saving wall space!

A Hidden Television is a TV with a mirror in front of it. The mirror in front of the TV is an optical grade dielectric mirror that resembles a standard mirror when the TV is turned off. Therefore, creating a beautiful framed mirror in your bunker.

But, when the TV is turned on, you have a framed TV! There you have it! A mirror and a TV in the same space!

9 Products that will Benefit Your Bunker

Are you wanting to build your own doomsday bunker? Here are some of the best products to incorporate!

  1. Ballistic Glass
  2. Infinity Mirror Table
  3. Framed Mirror TV
  4. Two Way Mirror
  5. Smart Mirror
  6. Soundproof mirror
  7. Two Way Mirror Film
  8. 8. Dielectric Beamsplitter mirror (for mirror illusions)
  9. Two way mirror dome

1. Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass is great for places where invasions are more likely to happen.

The glass has several laminated layers that create a bullet resistant area. It has layers of both glass and poly. The more layers it has, the more resistant it is.

Also, you can order it in either clear glass, or with a two way coating. Thus, giving you a two way ballistic mirror. Where you can see outside, but no one can see inside.

Ballistic glass is used commonly for banks, jewelry stores, and more. However, adding it to your doomsday bunker won’t be the worst idea.

To view the ballistic glass that we offer, click here! 

Ballistic Two Way Mirror Side View
Ballistic Glass Sample

2. Infinity Mirror Table

Adding any type of infinity mirror to your doomsday bunker will add style, light, and entertainment to the area around you!

A table is useful in a bunker for multiple reasons.

  • Dinner Table
  • Coffee Table
  • Game Table
  • Nightstand
  • End Table

But, having an infinity mirror table that lights up? Proving both the utility use, plus adding additional light? AWESOME!

Infinity Beer Pong Table

You can create an infinity mirror table by ordering a cheap table off of amazon, then buying a standard or first surface mirror, and a two way mirror.

The first surface or standard mirror goes on the bottom. The two way mirror goes on top, and then you sandwich some lights between! It’s as easy as that!

For more information about how to create an infinity mirror table, watch this YouTube video!

3. Framed Mirror TV

What is a Framed Mirror TV? GREAT QUESTION!

A Framed Mirror TV is a television that is also a standard mirror!

Mirror TV Turned OnMirror TV

When the TV is turned on, all you see is a framed TV with no tint or color distortion.

But, when you turn the TV off, it turns into an elegant framed mirror!

The Framed Mirror TV is a television that has a dielectric mirror in front of the TV and is framed with our hand crafted artisan frames.

They are PERFECT for tight spaces where you don’t have enough wall space for both a TV and a mirror,

Thus, being perfect for your doomsday bunker. Whether it’s big or small, place a mirror TV on your wall!

4. Two Way Mirror

If you need more privacy in your doomsday bunker, then you will need a two way mirror.

A two way mirror is a mirror that is both reflective and transparent.

One side is 70% reflective and the other side is 11% transparent.

Two Way Mirror Shapes Glass Testing

Two way mirrors are commonly used in observation windows, interrogation rooms, infinity mirrors, stage magic, home privacy, and even store security.

You can use your two way mirror in your doomsday bunker to create more privacy within the space. Or place it where a window would be, so you can see out but no one can see inside.

For more information about two way mirrors, check out our two way mirror page. 

We offer two way mirrors in glass or acrylic!

Acrylic two way mirrors are lightweight, harder to break, and more portable.

So, if you’re going to be moving the mirror around more, we recommend the acrylic for it’s easier access.

5. Complete Smart Mirror

The complete smart mirror is a great addition to any bunker (or home!)

The complete smart mirror is a system where the TV is larger than the mirror, thus allowing you to see yourself while also seeing the TV.

You can see yourself getting ready for the day, while having your notification/news/agenda show up in the mirror to remind you of what you have planned!

A smart mirror is great for a doomsday bunker because similar to the TV mirror, you are saving wall space and getting multiple uses out of the mirror.

Also, smart mirrors allow you to connect some of your favorite gaming systems! As well as show you the weather, display photographs, USB, HDMI, news, traffic updates, or anything that you program it to do!

To view more of our smart mirrors, click here! 

You can use the smart mirror with any screen such as a TV, iPad, Tablet, etc.

smart mirror
stainless steel smart mirror

6. Soundproof Mirror

Soundproof glass is glass that solves noise problems and adds strength and security.

It is typically 1″ thick, but you can order a custom thickness.


The soundproof glass eliminates up to 95% of external noise that would normally come in through a window.

So, it’s great for an area such as a safe room or a bunker because it could eliminate potential sounds that could put you in danger.

I mean, zombies are attracted to noise, right?

Zombie apocalypse

The soundproof glass even increases insulation! It’s a great way to save energy, especially if energy is sparse.

Our soundproof glass is actually a two way mirror as well. You get all the benefits of a two way mirror, as well as soundproof glass!

The soundproof glass can even be tempered to strengthen its application even more!

7. Two Way Mirror Film

Do you already have glass and windows, but you love the idea of having the security of the two way mirror?


The two way mirror film can be applied to any glass that is already installed! All you need is the film, the application kit, and a standard piece of glass! Then BAM! You have a two way mirror!

Two way mirror film

The two way mirror film is easy to install.

It also offers the same security of the two way mirror in glass or acrylic!

The film can be used for privacy, infinity mirrors, hidden cameras, stage effects, office privacy, and more! The film can be used for many reasons.

For more information on the mirror film, its uses, and how to apply it, watch this video!

8. Dielectric Beamsplitter Glass

The dielectric glass is great to use to create optical illusions such as Pepper’s Ghost effect, 3D displays, Photo booths, barcode scanners, holograms, and more!

Dielectric Mirror

Using this glass to create unique projects such as the ones listed above will definitely keep you busy during a national lock down or other doomsday crisis.

A dielectric beamsplitter mirror reflects 40% of light. The glass is also tint free, and has an anti-reflective coating on the backside to eliminate the double reflection.

To view what you can do with a dielectric beamsplitter mirror, watch the videos below!

Pepper’s Ghost Illusion (2020) How To Make A Hologram

How to make a Photo Booth

9. Two Way Mirror Dome

Two way mirror domes are great for doomsday bunkers because they allow you to see whats around the corner, as well as adding the extra security of hiding a camera behind it.

Since the two way mirror dome allows you to see what’s around you, it is great for viewing who is coming around the corner.

Full Dome Two Way Mirror

Two way mirror domes are great for recording behind them.

You can place a camera behind the two way mirror dome to record as well.

For more information about the two way mirror domes, watch the video below!

You can place the dome in your doomsday bunker for multiple reasons!

You can use it to put in a tight corner so you know who is coming around.

Or, you can even put it near your entrance to see who is coming in.

There you have it! Nine products that are perfect for your doomsday bunker! Comment below helpful tips and tricks or ideas that you have!

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