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A first surface mirror, also known as front surface mirror, has an optical grade mirror coating on top of the glass. It maximizes reflection and minimizes distortion. First surface mirrors are ideal for applications that need a flawless reflection with no ghosting. A double-image is typical in standard mirrors (second surface mirror).

  • Thicknesses available: 6mm (1/4″), 3mm (1/8″), 1.9mm, 1.0mm and 0.5mm
  • 1-wave per inch flatness (6mm thickness)
  • 70.886″ x 52.756″ Maximum Size
  • Custom sizes available to order online
  • Lead time: 1 day until shipped
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Custom shapes available, send us a diagram for pricing.


  • Rear projection video
  • Military training simulators, periscopes
  • Broadcasting, photography, projection.
  • Optics, astronomy, physics, lasers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Hollywood special effects
  • Explosive testing, high speed photography
  • Kaleidoscopes, product photography
  • Ophthalmology eye tests, dental mirrors
  • Product Photography
  • Camera Lucida

For government orders, we do have a DUNS and CAGE code. DUNS: 859769122 & CAGE CODE: 7SCR5

Reflection Wave Chart

First Surface Mirror Wave Chart
first surface mirror
First Surface Mirror

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find technical specifications?

Do you sell samples?

Yes, check out our samples page

How does the acrylic compare to the glass?

The glass is optical grade, so we recommend that over the acrylic for most applications. The 1/4″ glass is our best value–the added thickness of the glass provides a much better flatness than thinner glass. Our standard 1/4″ thickness is extremely fine quality, but for applications requiring a magnification of over 15x, the quarter wave first surface mirror is noticeably better.

What’s the largest size you can make?

The largest is 70.886″ x 52.756″ which is available in 1/4″ glass

How likely is it that my glass will break in the shipping?

We are experts at packaging glass so that it doesn’t break. In the unlikely event it should break, the glass is fully insured–just send us photos of the box and broken mirror and we will send replacements.

Do you ship internationally?

Shipping internationally is our specialty. Duties and taxes are billed separately on delivery.

How can I clean the mirrors?

50% isopropyl alcohol (lens cleaner) and KimWipes are the best, to avoid streaks and scratches.