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Product Description:

Mylar mirrors are mirrors that are made with Mylar Flexible Film. The Mylar Flexible Film is strong and durable, which makes it great for areas that need strong, reflective mirrors.

So, the mirror is actually glassless.

Mylar film is similar to window film, and is typically stretched across a frame.

See it in action:

Here is a video that demonstrates how a Mylar mirror is used inside a Bee Hive!

Making a Hexagonal Mylar Mirror

For example, some places you could use this mirror would be gyms, schools, theaters, Yoga studios, Ballet rooms, and more!



Glassless mirrors are around 85% lighter than regular plate glass.

Since there is not glass, no fog will occur one the reflective surface. This is beneficial if you want to put the mirror in a room that changes temperature.

The mirror is also free of distortion!

Mylar mirror film also doesn’t have the ghosting effect. The ghosting effect is where you see a double image in the reflection.

And, the mirror is shatter proof! Which is great for any type of setting that requires safety. Even school bathrooms use this type of mirror.



The mirror is used in places where a lot of pressure could take place. For example, NASA even uses this type of mirror in the Hubble Telescope!


The Mylar Flexible Film can be scratched and punctured over time, but it does not break or shatter. This is perfect for safety reasons.

That’s why the mirror is so great for gyms and other types of studios, since the mirror will be around constant movement and heavy equipment.

Building will even place Mylar mirrors into their ceilings for that modern, decorative look but complete safety.


When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the mirror, it isn’t too different from regular glass mirrors.

Use a window cleaner that is ammonia free and is a non-abrasive material.

When you do clean the mirror, be sure to not press the reflective Mylar film against the back of the interior. This could discolor the mirror or cause abrasions in the film.

It is also recommended to use a microfiber cloth instead of a towel or material that produces lint. Also, microfiber cloths are soft and easy on the film.


Mylar mirrors are great for multiple occasions! You can purchase your custom Mylar Mirror from us!