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A Zoom Teleprompter allows direct eye contact while simultaneously displaying your notes on beamsplitter glass. It’s very simple to make your own professional quality Zoom Teleprompter…IF you know how! 

In this guide, I’ll go over the exact parts you’ll need and how to put them together.

In addition to Zoom, it works with other video meeting software such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Skype.

How’s a Zoom Teleprompter different than a regular teleprompter?

It’s very similar, you’re just putting a screen behind the glass so you can see your team. 

You’ll want to center the camera lens so you’re making direct eye contact, and position your display so your script will also be centered.

teleprompter mirror

Here’s how it works:

Your notes are displayed on your laptop or tablet and sit on the tray. 

Your phone (or additional tablet) mounts vertically behind the glass on a separate stand. 

The phone provides a display and webcam so you can maintain eye contact with your meeting. 

The notes appear only to you and are invisible to your meeting.


I recommend the 40R/60T beamsplitter in a 4mm thickness for the best clarity and durability. Rounded corners are optional, they simply add additional safety and visual appeal.

Software Options

To read your notes, you can use your favorite software for notes such as word documents and PowerPoint slides. 

How to control your notes:

To control your notes, you can use a mouse, keyboard, presentation remote, or voice activated scrolling.

For team meetings, I use a cell phone and not a webcam or DSLR. By using a cell phone behind the glass, your team (or audience) can see you looking at them instead of  being distracted by your notes. You’re keeping the lens close to where your attention is focused.

 I hope you found this guide useful, and it simplifies your meetings!