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Hydro Dipping Picture Frames: Step-By-Step Guide [2020]

Hydro dipping is a fairly simple project. Hydro dipping can be a fun experience for the whole family. 

hydro dipping picture frame

It’s great on picture frames. If you really want a piece of art to stand out in your home. Just by adding pops of color to frames you already have in your home.It takes a couple steps to get started. There’s also some safety precautions you should take before starting your Hydro dipping project.This is very important. You should wear a face mask. To prevent breathing in the paint fuse. Including doing the project outside. This will provide a more open area for the fumes to go. 


What You’ll Need:

– Spray Paint (Brand: Rust Oleum) 

Respirator Mask 

– Gloves

– Bucket/Tub the deep enough for your Picture Frame

– Primer Spray

– WaterProof Spray

– Picture Frame

– Optional Items: Toothpick and X-ACTO Knife

The Steps on How to Hydro Dipping Picture Frame:

Step 1: (What you’ll Need: Picture Frame and Masking tape)

Clean off your frame first. From dust and debris build up.

Grab some masking tape and your picture frame. Take the glass and back off of your frame and place them to the side. Now tape off the areas you don’t want painted on your frame. Taped Mirror from Spraying Primer for Hydro DippingIncluding any exposed wood or if you’d like to make a design out of tape.


(Place your Taped Picture Frame to the side and Continue to the next step)

Step 2: (What you’ll Need: Taped up Picture Frame and Primer)


Frame Sample getting Primer AppliedNow you’ll need to Spray on your primer to prep your picture frame. Priming the picture frame gives the Spray paint something to adhere to. 

(For best result wait until the primer has completely dried before moving on)

Step 3: (What you’ll Need: Picture Frame, Spray Paint, and Your Bucket/Tub)


Then find a bucket deep enough for the picture frame you’re dipping and fill the bucket or tub up with water.Black Bin Perfect For Hydro dipping Fill up till there about an inch left of open space.

Step 4: (What you’ll Need: Respirator Mask, Bucket/Tub full of water, Spray Paint colors) Optional: Toothpick  


Put on your Respirator Mask for this step.

Then you can begin to layer the spray paint on top of the water. 

There’s really no correct way of doing this. Just layers your colors over one another. If you’d like, use a toothpick to swirl the colors to lightly mix them together. One way is spraying one color then spraying your second color on top of it creating the layers.

Step 5: (What You’ll Need: Picture Frame, Gloves, Bucket/Tub or Water)


Now it’s time to dip your Picture Frame. You’ll want to drip your picture Frame very slowly. When you dip it slowly it gives the paint design more time to adhere to the frame. Once fully somegred. Move the excess paint away from the frame. You don’t want any paint above your frame when removing it from the water. It could possibly ruin or change your design. 

Step 6: (What you’ll Need: Your Painted Frame)


Remove the tape before the paint fully dries. Doing this it won’t tear up your paint design. Or just use a knife to cut the tape off.Peeling the Tape from The Mirror to showing a clean line

Leave Your painted frame in a room temperature area. There could be water up the painted area. That being the frame will need at least 24 hours to dry. 

Art Gallery Hydro Dipping

Purple, White, Blue, gold Frame Sample
Two Frame Sample with Blue, Orange, Pink, and Purple
THe Frame Sample has been Hydro dipped in Purple,pink, and Blue
Neon Yellow, Blue and Orange Taped Mirror
Red, Neon Yellow and Sliver Hydro Dipped Frame Sample
Pink,Blue,Purple Mirror Hydro Dipped

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