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Learn how to turn an ordinary mirror into a fog free mirror using 2 simple techniques.

Ready? Let’s make your glass stop steaming up!

Have you ever noticed how much a mirror fogs up after a steamy bath or shower? That’s because the surface of glass is colder than the steam, allowing it to condense. This can make it very difficult to get ready in the morning after a nice hot shower! Your bathroom mirror attracts water just like a windshield fogs up on a cold winter day. Additionally, it’s also due to the “hydrophilic” properties of glass, which means water is attracted to cling to it.

A fog free mirror is created by overcoming either of these properties of glass. Fun fact! You can also use this on your home and car windows! Do you ever get in your car on a cold winter day and suddenly all of your windows start to fog up, blocking your visibility?

Here are the best techniques for keeping fog off your mirrors and glass:

Technique # 1

The easiest way to make a mirror fog free is by using a hydrophobic glass cleaner, such as this one. I’ll apply it to one side of this mirror photo booth so you can see how it works. Now, I’m going to mist the mirror [spray water on it]. Check out how the area I treated is more slippery to water, allowing it to easily flow off. The untreated area collects water in droplets which cling to the surface. I’m later going to show you how to make glass resist fingerprints with oleophobic coatings.

A high quality hydrophobic coating is durable and able to be cleaned repeatedly without wearing off. It’s also completely clear, allowing it to be used without tinting or clouding the glass. I’ll leave you some links below for my top recommendations so you’re not stuck using a cheap defogger.

Technique # 2

Another way to prevent fog on glass is by heating it. If you’re treating a standard window, you can use a small heater that adheres to a tiny part of the glass, heating it. If you’re adding heat to a mirror, you can use a defogger pad custom made to the size of your mirror, which simply plugs in. This is great for new installations where you can plan ahead with hidden wiring to connect it. Or you could just purchase one of our Vanity Vision TV and the TV behind the Vanity Vision Mirror will heat up the Mirror just enough to make it fog resistant! All while you’re able to check your social media updates and the weather!

I’m excited to share with you a bunch of cool applications I’ve learned about! A great example of when you’d want to make sure that glass is not fogging up, is in a glass refrigerator! Moisture builds up inside a fridge and opening up the freezer doors exposes the glass causing it to collect that condensation due to the difference in temperatures. Getting rid of that fog allows customers to see what their dinner options are, even after opening and closing the freezer door! Glasses and safety goggles can also benefit from a hydrophobic coating! By applying this to your glasses you can be completely confident that you will be able to see, no matter what type of environment you’re in and out of! This is great if you’re working in a warehouse environment, construction, manufacturing or service!

Do you have a vacation coming up? This is amazing for scuba gear, swim goggles, ski masks or goggles, binoculars and scopes..even on paintball masks! Outside shops and storefronts would also benefit from this fog free system. Could you imagine how difficult it would be to sell products to potential customers if they couldn’t see the true value and details of your product due to the condensation? That is why this is so important to have on hand! And the best part? This solution lasts for a long time and creates an invisible layer on your glass meaning that you no longer have to clean your mirrors or glass nearly as often!