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Hidden Drawer Product Description

The Hidden Drawer is a functional piece of furniture that not only works as a regular nightstand but it has a hidden compartment. The compartment is 16 inches in length, 2 inches in height, and 12 inches in the width. It works great for hiding valuables, jewelry, anything you want quick access to but want it to remain hidden.

The lower two drawers are ordinary, like a regular nightstand. While the felt lined top drawer slides out, allowing you to have ample space for your belongings.

Hidden Drawer Nightstand

The Hidden Drawer Nightstand in action! It is perfect for hiding gold, jewelry, and all your precious valuables. All though, this nightstand may look like an ordinary nightstand, it contains a hidden space that only you will know about.

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Hidden Drawer Nightstand

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White Hidden Drawer Nightstand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why type of wood is this?

The Hidden Drawer Nightstand is made from hardwood.

Is the Hidden Drawer easily noticeable?

No! The Hidden Drawer seamlessly blends in with the rest of the nightstand.

Does the Hidden Drawer have a lock?

No, but you can easily add one!

How does the drawer open?

The sides of the drawer are beveled so you can easily pull on it to open the drawer.

How much assembly is required?

The nightstand comes preassembled.

Can you tell there’s a Hidden Drawer?

No, it blends seamlessly into the rest of the nightstand.

Where is the Hidden Drawer located?

The Hidden Drawer is located at the top of the Night Stand.

How do I clean the Nightstand?

You can use a wood cleaner, or simply spot or wipe clean it! Avoid harsh chemicals along the wood, which may cause the finish to wear and tear faster.