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Check out this hidden drawer nightstand with secret storage drawer on top! It’s perfect for hiding gold, jewelry, and valuables. Though this night stand may look like an ordinary nightstand, it  contains a hidden drawer that no one knows is there except you!

Product Description

No longer do you need to wonder if people will find all your valuables under your mattress! The lower two drawers are ordinary, and can store a ton of crap! The felt lined top drawer slides out, giving you ample space for your secret stash of gold, jewelry, and cash! 


Want to make it a hidden safe? Just add a magnetic lock. Need extra security? Install a tile tracker, extra cell phone, gps tracker, or bolt the whole thing to your floor. This is perfect if you’re worried about a home invasion happening or if you simply just want to know that the important possessions that you own, are safe no matter what happens! Did I mention it’s also good for storing random crap? My favorite aspect of this Hidden drawer nightstand is that at first glance, it just looks like an commonplace nightstand you find offered in regular furniture stores, but only I know that it’s secretly hiding my valuables!

Pricing & Ordering

Hidden Drawer Nightstand

Dark Cherry – $349.95Add To Cart

White Hidden Drawer Nightstand

White – $349.95Add To Cart

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