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1/8" (3mm)

Colored Acrylic Two Way Mirror Product Information

Acrylic Two Way Mirrors, also known as One Way Mirrors, is a semi-transparent mirror that provides privacy while allowing discreet viewing from the darker side.


Since it can be installed in either direction, it relies solely on the lighting conditions to show the mirror side. So a 1:2 or better light to dark ratio is recommended.

  • 70% Reflective, 30% Transparent
  • Max Size: 48″ x 95.8″
  • Cutting Accuracy +/- 1/16″
  • Thickness: 1/8″
  • Made in the USA
What is Acrylic?

An Acrylic Two Way Mirror reflects 70% of light, allowing the rest to pass through. Adding a custom color can really jazz up any home decor mirror project!

Advantages of Acrylic Two Way Mirrors

Make a statement by selecting a custom color for your Two Way Mirror project. It is semi-reflective, just like a standard Two Way Mirror, but now with a twist!

  • Combine with existing window
  • Multiple colors available
  • Works with touch overlay
  • Passes “fingernail” test
  • Stronger than glass
  • Excellent visibility
  • Resembles regular mirror
The fingernail test works on glass two way mirrors, but does not work on acrylic two way mirrors. This is because they can be installed in either direction, so the mirror coating can face away from the subject.


diy mirror photo booth

Order a Colored Acrylic Two Way Mirror Sample

The best way to test the lighting with a small piece is to cut a hole in a large piece of black paper. Next, place the sample over the hole. This will allow you to judge the reflection and see-through qualities in a larger area.

Orange 3″ x 4″ Acrylic Two Way Mirror – 1/8″ Thickness     

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Green 3″ x 4″ Acrylic Two Way Mirror – 1/8″ Thickness     

$9.95Add to cart

Spark Your Creativity

Short, sweet, and INSPIRING! Have you ever wanted to be the life of the party? Follow me through an alternate universe where illumination is KEY. Learn about our new infinity mirror dress, and see it live and in action! You can re vamp your very own with the use of a Colored Acrylic Two Way Mirror!

How to Clean and Maintain Acrylic Two Way Mirror

For loose debris and dust, you can use compressed (canned) air like you use to clean your computer’s keyboard and ports, for instance. If you have smudges, fingerprints, and stains, use Novus 1 spray and Polish Mate cleaning wipes, specifically made to clean acrylic and simultaneously fix small scratches. If Novus 1 and Polish Mates are unavailable, 50% isopropyl alcohol (lens cleaner) and microfiber cloth can be substituted.

Questions? We Have Answers

For further information on the Acrylic Two Way Mirror, see the robust FAQ here.

Krista Kelly
Sales Manager
Phone: (419) 461-0710

James Baker
Sales Engineer
Phone: (419) 787-4526

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Colored Acrylic Two Way Mirror Pass the Fingernail Test?

What is the fingernail test? The fingernail test is where you check to see if the mirror coating is on the front. This is NOT the case on a standard mirror, and the mirror coating is on the back. So there should be a gap between your finger and its reflection. If there is not a gap, it likely is a Two Way Mirror! However, not all Two Way Mirrors fail this fingernail test: the acrylic can be installed in either direction, so this test would not detect the mirror. See my video for other ways to detect a Two Way Mirror.

How Strong is an Acrylic Mirror?

Our 1/4″ thick acrylic mirrors can easily withstand a high-speed impact from a blunt object such as a hammer. They will still scratch like regular acrylic, so you should handle them with care.

How Does a Two Way Mirror Work?

A Two Way Mirror, a transparent mirror on one side and reflective on the other, is created by placing a layer of semi-transparent film of aluminum on an acrylic substrate. This allows a percentage of light to pass through and reflects the rest.

We have all seen a cop drama TV show or film where a criminal suspect is interrogated while police watch from behind a mirror. Why can’t the suspect see those watching him behind the mirror? The answer lies in the level of lighting in both rooms. The room the suspect is in is kept very brightly lit so that the light in the room reflects off the mirror’s surface. The observation room containing the police, on the other hand, is kept dark so that little to no light gets through the glass. As a result, the suspect sees only his own reflection and the police see into the suspect’s room clearly. If the lights in the suspect’s room were suddenly turned out, or the lights in the observation room suddenly turned on, then the Two Way Mirror would become a window. It’s the same sort of effect you see in a mirrored office building at night — if there is a light on in one of the offices, you can see into that office just fine.

Can Holes be Drilled Into Acrylic?

Drilling a hole into an Acrylic Two Way Mirror for mounting purposes is easy to do. You can use a standard drill bit to make the hole. For the best result, you will want to drill from the mirror side to the non-mirror side to avoid chips.

What Kind of Glue or Tape Can be Used?

It’s important only to glue the edges or the non-mirror side. Most adhesives and tapes will remove the mirror coating if you accidentally apply it to the mirror side. If you apply it to the non-mirror side, it can be glued or taped just like regular acrylic. Rubber cement offers a strong bond to many surfaces and can be used around the edge. Please try adhesives with a product sample before experimenting with your purchase.