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A standard mirror  is an elegant addition to your home decor.
Make your space feel and seem more open using mirrors.

What is a Standard Mirror?

A standard mirror has a nice chrome polish where it bounces the light in the room to create the effect of a larger space. Brighten up your space by letting that natural light bounce throughout the room.

Our specialty is offering custom size mirrors, shipped worldwide.

Standard Mirror Edgework Options

We sand all the edges to prevent cutting, which is also referred to as “seaming” glass. A polished edge using increasingly fine belts until the edges are smooth. Beveling glass polishes the edge at an angle. Below are images of the glass smart mirror with the different edges available to order.


  • Superior optical quality
  • 96% Reflective, 0% Transparent
  • Careful packaging & fully insured
  • Waterproof (Glass)
  • Cuts like regular glass
  • Edges sanded for safety
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Ships immediately
  • Easy to clean

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Krista Kelly
Sales Manager

Hi, I’m Krista, sales manager for Two Way Mirrors. Please contact me at (419) 461-0710 or if you have any questions about our products.

James Baker
Sales Engineer

I’m James, sales engineer for Two Way Mirrors. Feel free to contact me at or (419) 787-4526 with any technical or sales questions.