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Mirror mazes are a fun activity for family and friends for entertainment.

So lets learn a bit more about these mirrors and see what it different out  there in the world.

How does a Mirror Maze work?

Mirror mazes themselves are a pattern combining several characteristics of geometric patterns.

They show a repetition, symmetry and tessellation using repeated equilateral triangles.

Many mirror mazes have you bump into mirror walls, perceiving false spaces ahead.

Sometimes you can see multiples of you or not see yourself at all.

Triangle maze

It can leave things distorted.

The walls’ angles and the geometry of the mirrors’ reflections turn you invisible at different moments.

These type of mirror mazes can really disorient you.

Also referred to as house of mirrors, a maze-like puzzle.

Who Invented the Mirror Maze?


Adrian Fisher is the person who invented the mirror maze.

He worked on a lot of different puzzles and mazes and is responsible for more than 700 mazes in 35 countries since 1979

Overall he created 48 mirror mazes

When creating these mirror mazes, he also pioneered the extensive use of thematic chambers within mirror mazes, to achieve Mirror Maze Adventures.

What types of mirrors are used?

The type of mirror used for many mirror mazes is the plane mirror which has a flat surface.

Curved mirrors are also used to produce a magnified or diminished image or focus light or simply distort the reflected image.

Choose a mirror maze design that allows you to change your themes so you can make a profit any time of the year.

House of mirrors

They can be a great investment, but mainly in certain seasons.

How are they built?

flat mirrors

Know how much space and cash you have to spare.

You don’t want to run short on either.

Understand the cost means looking into the size of the maze and theme.

Is can be dangerous to build your own maze, especially if it’s your first time.

You want to make sure there is no cause for injury when your installing.

You don’t want the cost to increase because of that.

It’s just best to hire a professional to help build one.

Building a mirror maze can be complicated.

How long will it take to go through a Mirror Maze?

Kid running through maze

Most mazes can be a little difficult but it doesn’t take too long to go through one.

The Ripley’s Mirror maze actually takes an average of 3 min to go though.

Most other Mirror Mazes can also take up to 10 mins to go through.

It really depends how much fun you want to have when going through them.

Mirror Mazes around the world!

With more than 700 different types of mazes in 35 countries, there are at least 48 that are mirror mazes.

Here are some of them around the world.

United Kingdom

  • Birmingham Sea Life Centre Mirror Maze, Birmingham, England;
  • Edinburgh Dungeon Mirror Maze, Scotland;
  • London Dungeon Mirror Maze, England;
  • Longleat House Mirror Maze, Wiltshire, England;
  • Louis Tussauds Mirror Maze, Blackpool, Lancashire, England;
  • Warwick Castle Dungeon Mirror Maze, Warwickshire, England;
  • Wookey Hole Caves Mirror Maze, Somerset, England;
  • York Dungeon Mirror Maze, York, England;
  • ‘Punch and Judy’ Mirror Maze, Dreamland Theme Park, Margate, England, 2015;



  • Mirror Maze, Haunted House, Legoland, Billund, Denmark


  • Peaugres Safari Park Mirror Maze, Annonay, France


  • Berlin Sea Life Centre Mirror Maze, Berlin, Germany
  • Hamburg Dungeon Mirror Maze, Hamburg, Germany
  • ‘Police Station Breakout’ Mirror Maze, Legoland Deutschland, Germany, 2015


  • Amsterdam Dungeon Mirror Maze, Netherlands;

North America

United States

  • Skyline Caverns Mirror Maze, Front Royal, Virginia, USA;
  • Noah’s Ark Water Park Mirror Maze, Wisconsin Dells, USA;
  • Cannery Row Mirror Maze, Monterey, California, USA
  • ‘Palace of Sweets’ Mirror Maze, Wildwood, New Jersey, USA
  • ‘Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors’, Hollywood Wax Museum, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA
  • Elusive Butterfly Mirror Maze, Butterfly Wonderland, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 2013


  • Coral Reef Mirror Maze, Gran Plaza Mall, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2011
  • Candy Mirror Maze, Chetumal, Mexico, 2011
  • Egyptian Mirror Maze, Monterrey, Mexico, 2011
  • Pirate Mirror Maze, Pachuca, Mexico, 2011



  • Squirrel Mirror Maze, Harbin, China, 2015


  • Imax Theatre Mirror Maze, Hyderabad, India
  • Disco Club Mirror Maze, Gurgaon, Delhi, India, 2011
  • Ali Baba Mirror Maze, Esselworld Theme Park, Mumbai, 2015


  • Huistenbosh Park Mirror Maze, Japan;
  • Seibu Park Mirror Maze, Japan;
  • Spanish Village Mirror Maze, Japan;
  • Tobu Zoo Mirror Maze, Japan
  • Tokyo Dome Mirror Maze, Japan
  • Tokyo Tower Mirror Maze, Japan, 2015


  • Ripleys Mirror Maze, Pattaya, Thailand


  • Mirror Maze, Vietnam
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