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Frame Color & Profile

A smart mirror frame consists of a super thin frame with a large thickness to accommodate the mirror, display and computer. The standard thickness is 2.5″ with 2″ of space to work with once the mirror is inserted, but this frame can be combined to create a thicker frame for those who need more depth.


Black Smart Mirror Frame

Frame Width: 1″
Frame Height: 2.5″
Rabbet Height: 2.25″


White Smart Mirror Frame

Frame Width: 1″
Frame Height: 2.5″
Rabbet Height: 2.25″

Order Standard Size Smart Mirror Glass and Framing For Your Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror

Determined to create your very own magic mirror? Now you can bypass the longest part of your project, woodworking, and carpentry. Don’t have the skills, tools or time? No problem.

Choose Your Frame Based on our Standard Smart Mirror Sizes

Frame for 14″ x 18″ (356x457mm) Mirror $139.95
Frame for 16″ x 20″ (406x508mm) Mirror $144.95
Frame for 18″ x 24″ (457x610mm) Mirror $146.95
Frame for 20″ x 24″ (508x610mm) Mirror $149.95
Frame for 20″ x 30″ (508x762mm) Mirror $182.96

PRO TIP: All of our pre-cut smart mirrors come in standard picture frame sizes for easy framing. Order the Glass Smart Mirror here.

Buy everything you need in one place. The smart mirror, frame, and accessories.

The Magic Mirror Project undertaking can be very intimidating at first sight. Fear not! It’s a great way to break yourself into some intro python programming. Have no prior experience? Don’t worry. There are endless detailed articles on the web to help guide you seamlessly through your build.

Or you can purchase our Preconfigured Rasberry Pi. Ready to plug and play. We take all the hard work out of setting up the Raspberry Pi for your magic mirror so you don’t have to worry about the software end of it. Just enter the USB it into your display and you are ready to go with the top programs such as clock, calendar, weather, news, and more!

MagicMirror2 Is Highly Customizable

Check out the 3rd party modules on to enhance your mirror abilities. In stock, ships immediately.

Why build a smart mirror?

Smart mirror technology is quickly evolving. Large tech companies are racing to bring the first affordable smart mirror to the consumer market. For now, it’s a DIY’ers playground. Woodworking, carpentry, glass cutting, programming and problem solving make this project both challenging and irresistible.

Also, it’s plain badass. Especially for those who do not understand the optical mirror mysteries involved. Magic Mirrors, Smart Mirrors, and Hidden Televisions continue to be a niche group of enthusiasts. Impress your friends and family with this tech from the future. Start from scratch, buy the parts only and assemble it, or buy a full system.

Though full systems can be easily purchased, smart mirror projects continues to run the DIY path. Complete your research by browsing the site and understanding what the process involves. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us!