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A smart mirror frame consists of a super thin frame with depth to accommodate the mirror, display and computer. The standard thickness is 2.5″ with 2.25″ of depth to work with once the mirror is inserted, but this frame can be combined to create a thicker frame for those who need more depth.


Black Smart Mirror Frame

Frame Width: 1″
Frame Height: 2.5″
Rabbet Height: 2.25″


White Smart Mirror Frame

Frame Width: 1″
Frame Height: 2.5″
Rabbet Height: 2.25″


  • Choice of black or white modern frame
  • Includes Acrylic Smart Mirror in 1/4″ (6mm) Thickness
  • Max Overall Size is 34″ x 34″
  • Customizable depth
  • If you would like a larger size, please send us an email and we will let you know the possibility!


Contact us for pricing by requesting a quote at


This frame offers a lot of versatility and can be used for a variety of projects. Whether you want to create a smart mirror or an infinity mirror, this frame can accommodate your needs. We offer both glass and acrylic options, giving you the flexibility to choose the material that best suits your project. With this frame, you can let your creativity run wild and design something truly unique and special. The possibilities are endless, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Smart Mirror

A smart mirror is a two-way mirror with a display behind it that can show various types of information in the form of widgets. The viewer can see their reflection and the widgets simultaneously, making it a great tool for multitasking. The widgets can display the weather, time, date, and news updates, making it easier for individuals to stay informed while going about their daily routine.

A smart mirror offers numerous benefits for busy individuals. It allows them to stay informed while getting ready for the day, eliminating the need to constantly check their phone or other devices. It can also provide a more efficient use of time, as individuals can perform multiple tasks at once. Additionally, it can be a stylish addition to any bathroom or bedroom.

Building a smart mirror is a fun and engaging DIY project. The basic design of a smart mirror starts with the glass that is to be used. Two-way glass is recommended as it allows the graphics on the display to come through clearer. Smart Mirror glass is an optimal choice for building smart mirrors.

For more information about Smart Mirrors and how to build them, click here for our DIY guide!

Infinity Mirror

Have you ever seen an infinity mirror? These mesmerizing pieces of art create the illusion of an endless space lined with LED lights. The reflections appear to get smaller and smaller as they fade into the vastness of space. The infinity mirrors appear to be a portal into the infinite and the effect is awe-inspiring. Let’s take a closer look at these amazing pieces of art.

Infinity mirrors are a type of optical illusion that creates the illusion of an endless space. They use a combination of mirrors and LED lights to create the effect. The mirrors are arranged in such a way that they reflect each other, creating a seemingly infinite series of reflections. The LED lights are placed behind the mirrors to create the illusion of depth and space.

The effect of infinity mirrors is truly mesmerizing. When you look into one, you feel like you are looking into the vastness of space. The reflections appear to go on forever, creating a sense of infinity. The LED lights add to the effect by creating a sense of depth and space. The combination of the mirrors and LED lights creates a truly unique and awe-inspiring experience.

Infinity mirrors are not just optical illusions, they are also works of art. When it is switched off, the piece becomes a functional mirror, artfully framed in weathered brass or chrome. When switched on, one sees into the beyond. The contrast between the functional and artistic aspects of infinity mirrors adds to their appeal. They are not just beautiful to look at, but they also serve a practical purpose.


Infinity mirrors are a truly unique and awe-inspiring piece of art. They create the illusion of an endless space lined with LED lights, and the effect is truly mesmerizing. When switched off, they serve a practical purpose as a functional mirror, but when switched on, they transport you into the infinite. Whether you are an art lover, a science enthusiast, or just someone looking for a unique piece of decor, an infinity mirror is sure to impress.

For more information about infinity mirrors, click here!

Product Videos

How To Build A Smart Mirror

Have you ever wanted to have a smart mirror in your home? A smart mirror is a mirror that has a display behind it, which can show you the time, weather, news, and even your calendar. It’s like having a personal assistant in your bathroom or bedroom. Here’s how you can build your own smart mirror using a shadowbox frame.


The first step in building your smart mirror is to choose a shadowbox frame. The frame is in the front, which holds the glass and touchscreen in place. The shadowbox is deep, which hides the sides of your display. Simply use a shadowbox frame and make sure it’s deep enough to accommodate your display.

Choosing Your Mirror

To achieve great picture quality, you’ll need a Smart Mirror or Dielectric Mirror. The Smart Mirror is available in both glass and acrylic, both offer great reflection and transparency. In large sizes, such as 40″ and above, it is recommended to choose glass to make sure your reflection is perfectly flat. Some companies also offer tempering in case you need your glass to be extra sturdy.

Smart Mirror Diagram

Installing the Display

Once you have your shadowbox frame and mirror, the next step is to install the display. You can use a Raspberry Pi computer and a touchscreen display to create your smart mirror. You will need to install the operating system and software on the Raspberry Pi, which will allow you to display the information you want on your mirror.

Creating the Interface

The final step is to create the interface for your smart mirror. You can use a variety of software to create a custom interface that shows the information you want. Some popular options include MagicMirror, HomeAssistant, and DAKboard. Once you have your interface set up, you can customize it to show the information you want, such as the time, weather, news, and calendar.


Building a smart mirror is a fun and rewarding project that can add a touch of technology to your home. With a shadowbox frame, a Smart Mirror or Dielectric Mirror, a Raspberry Pi computer, and some software, you can create your own custom smart mirror that shows you the information you want. So why not give it a try and see how it can improve your daily routine?

How To Build An Infinity Mirror

Have you ever seen an infinity mirror and wondered how it was made? Well, it’s not as complicated as it looks! All you need are four main components: a two way glass mirror (also known as a one-way mirror), a standard reflective mirror, a frame, and LED lights. Follow these steps to create your very own infinity mirror.

Step 1: Acquire a Two-Way Glass Mirror

The first component you’ll need is a two-way glass mirror. This is also known as a one-way mirror, as it allows light to pass through from one side, while reflecting light back on the other side. You can order our Two Way Mirror in either Glass or Acrylic!

Step 2: Acquire a Standard Reflective Mirror, or a First Surface Mirror

The second component you’ll need is a standard reflective mirror. This mirror will be the one that reflects the light back into the two-way mirror, creating the illusion of infinity. A First Surface Mirror is a higher quality standard mirror that has the coating on the front of the glass, which eliminated the double image in a reflection.

First Surface Mirror

Step 3: Acquire a Frame

The third component you’ll need is a frame. This will be used to hold the two mirrors in place and give your Infinity Mirror a finished look. You can order the frame size you would like using the price calculator on the top of this page.


Step 4: Add LED Lights

The final component you’ll need is LED lights. These will be placed between the two mirrors and will create the illusion of infinity. You can find LED lights at your local hardware store or online. Make sure to choose a color that complements your frame and matches the overall look you’re going for.

Putting it all Together

Once you have all of your components, it’s time to put your Infinity Mirror together. First, place your two-way mirror in the frame with the reflective side facing outward. Next, place the standard reflective mirror directly behind the two-way mirror, so that it’s parallel to it. Finally, add your LED lights between the two mirrors, making sure they’re evenly spaced and positioned.

Creating an Infinity Mirror is a fun and unique project that can add a touch of magic to any room. With just a few simple components, you can create a mesmerizing visual effect that will leave your guests in awe. So go ahead and give it a try – who knows, you may just become the envy of all your friends and family!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, just use the price calculator at the top of THIS page for pricing on the frame by itself. Or, request a customized quote by emailing

Once you receive the frame, you can measure the inside where the glass would sit. Then, you can order our Smart Mirror glass to the specific size of your routed frame. Use the price calculator at the top of the Glass Smart Mirror page to order the measurments.

Yes! Check out our custom smart mirror complete system page here!

You need a first surface mirror (or, for a cheaper option, a standard mirror), the frame, LED lights, and a two way mirror.

Nope! They are the exact same quality. Only the colors are different.