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Have you ever wondered if mirrors can cause back luck? Are you superstitious? We expose the top myths and superstitions in this post:

We all know the superstition about breaking a mirror, right? You will have 7 years of bad luck! But did you know that superstition isn’t the only one about mirrors? Or if a mirror randomly falls on the floor, then someone will soon die in the house…

What do you think of when you see a solid black cat crossing your path?

Good Luck Newlyweds

If you, or someone you know has gotten married then this one is for you! Tell the happy couple to stand in front of a mirror together. This will unite their souls in the spirit world! Another wedding glass superstition is a little more dangerous, so be careful! Breaking glass on your wedding day is actually a good omen.  Newlyweds can smash a vase or some type of glass at their wedding to predict how many years they will be happily married.  The tradition says that however many pieces the glassware breaks into will symbolize how many years they’ll be happily married! So, be sure to throw a lot of muscle into it!

Covered Mirrors

Once someone has passed away in a home, their soul gets trapped inside the mirror. The deceased trapped in the mirror is said to grab the souls of the living that has looked into the mirror. Some believe that demons could escape through the mirror into the living world and cause destruction. To prevent this, cover the mirrors! 

Unbroken Mirror

Did you break a mirror and it didn’t break? Well, you are in luck. It is said that if you dropped a mirror and it didn’t break, good luck will be coming your way.

Mirror Sleep

If you sleep with a mirror in front of your bed, you may want to reconsider. Legend has it that the spirits from the spirit world will suck your soul out through the mirror. Only when you are sleeping or unprotected…

Good Luck Scare

Expect a good amount of luck to come your way if you recently scared yourself with your own reflection in a mirror.

Calm Yourself

It is said that if you are nervous or anxious about something, gaze into a mirror. The spirit world will take your troubles away. Avoid looking too long into the mirror as the spirits would easily steal your soul. Choose your fate.

To See Your Future Husband


If you want to see your future husband, simply sit on front of a mirror on Halloween night with a lit candle, apple and a knife. Cut the apple into nine slices, eat eight of them with the knife but throw the ninth slice into the mirror. You husband to be will appear inside of the mirror and catch the ninth slice of apple.

Scare Away Evil Spirits

Brass Mirrors were to hang above ideals in China. This way, if evil spirits were to enter their place of worship, they would see their reflection and run away. Today, many people hang mirrors across of their front door, this would protect the home by reflecting back any evil or negative energy. Hey, it’s cheaper than a alarm system.

Bloody Mary

The game “Truth or Dare” has always been around, and it will always be around. This folklore ritual claims that if you light a candle in the bathroom mirror and say “Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary”, then she will appear in the reflection all bloody.

That is all the mirror superstitions! Did you change your mind about being superstitious?

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