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Have you ever wondered if mirrors cause bad luck? In this guide, we expose the top mirror myths and superstitions, ranging from Bloody Mary to broken mirrors.

Does breaking a mirror really cause 7 years of bad luck, and does chanting “Bloody Mary” into the mirror summon ghosts? These aren’t the only mirror myths floating around time and space. In this guide, we’ll provide helpful tips on how to avoid (and reverse) any back luck you may encounter.

Bloody Mary: A Dangerous Game of "Truth or Dare"

The game “Truth or Dare” has been around for quite some time, but have you ever been dared to summon a ghost?

This folklore ritual claims that if you light a candle in a dimly lit room and chant “Bloody Mary” 3x into a mirror, you will see a woman dripping with blood in the reflection. Legend says she may scream at you, or even reach through the mirror and wrap her cold hands around your throat.

Some may even say that she escapes from the mirror and comes after you. . .

Origin of Broken Mirrors


Ca●top”tro●man`cy (?), n. [See Catopter.]  A species of divination, which was performed by lowering a mirror into water, allowing a sick person to look at their reflection. If the reflection appeared distorted and ghastly, it was an ill omen; if fresh and healthy, it was favorable.

Broken Mirrors--7 Years of Bad Luck

As legend has it, when you break a mirror, you are going to be cursed with bad luck for the next 7 years. How true is this myth? How is the curse undone?

While it’s hard to say how accurate this belief is, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Accidents happen, and things break–we’re human.

Potential curse reversal options:

  • Wait a couple hours before picking up the broken fragments, then take every last bit of mirror and bury it outside in the moonlight.
  • Throw salt over your left shoulder onto the Devil himself.
  • Take a single piece of the mirror and touch it to a tombstone (immediate effect)

Gifting a Mirror

While looking into a mirror after being married brings good fortune; gifting a mirror to newlyweds isn’t quite the same. Asian cultures believe that gifting a new couple mirror on their wedding day will bring bad luck. This is partially due to symbolism, because marriages are supposed to last forever and mirrors are very fragile or prone to breaking (Unless it’s one of our acrylic mirrors!). Another reason being that mirrors have the potential to hold bad spirits.

Good Luck Newlyweds

If you or someone you know is getting married, then this one is for you! The happy couple should stand in front of a mirror together. Not only do they get to check out how stunning they look on their special day, but they are also participating in a wedding tradition.

It is said that if the married couple looks into a mirror shortly after they say “I do”, they are uniting their souls. When you look into mirror with someone, it is said to create an alternate universe where the two souls can live on, together forever.

Another common wedding tradition is a little more risky; but just as fun. Breaking glass on your wedding day is a good omen (just try to avoid mirrors!). The shattered pieces of glass represent how many years the couple will have together. That being said, make sure you put a lot of muscle behind the break!

Covered Mirror Origin

Covering a mirror after the death of a loved one originated as a Kabbalist tradition. They believe that when a soul leaves this world, it leaves a void. This void allows spirits to come into the world of the living–bad spirits included. Wherever there is an energy “vacuum”, there is potential for negative energy to creep in.

Covering a Mirror to Trap Lost Souls

Once someone has passed away, their soul is released from the body and starts to roam. Legend says that if a soul encounters a mirror before their body is burried (typically within the first 3 days of passing), their soul will be trapped in the mirror. This is said to cause mirrors to tarnish, or even turn into an image of the deceased.

People have claimed to see faces of the dead appear in old antique mirrors. Is this a trapped soul, or just our minds playing tricks on us?

Some also believe that demons could escape through the mirror into the living world. To prevent trapped souls and demons roaming about, simply keep your mirrors covered if someone passes.

Unbreakable Mirror

If you’re in search of an unbreakable mirror (or at least one that’s slightly less prone to breaking), using an acrylic mirror is your safest bet! Acrylic is made of polymers of methyl methacrylate, which essentially just makes it a reactive resin. Its flexible, lightweight, and has amazing impact strength.

Unbroken Mirror - Mirrors That Escape Breaking

Have you ever dropped a mirror but somehow. . .it was left fully intact?

You’re in luck. If you dropped a mirror and it somehow managed not to shatter, good luck will be coming your way. Don’t go playing with fate though. If the mirror does break then you’re going to have quite the opposite of luck!

If you want to double up on your mirror luck, place a mirror in a position that reflects the burners on your stove (not too close). This is supposed to bring you wealth and attract prosperity.

Mirror Feng Shui

In ancient China and in today’s modern feng shui, having a mirror facing your bed isn’t a good idea.

There are several reasons why people advise against it, but one of the basics is simply because it could startle you if you saw your reflection in the dark room! It could also cause you to “hear things”. Mirrors are fantastic for reflection as we know, but they’re also great for reflecting sounds. So any bump in the night would be bounced towards your bed. Yikes!

Mirrors by the Bed Steal Your Soul

If you sleep with a mirror facing your bed, you may want to reconsider.

Legend has it that spirits from the other side will suck your soul out through the mirror. There’s no better time to suck someones soul out than when they’re laying unprotected and unaware in bed.

As beautiful as the giant bedroom mirrors are, placing the mirror elsewhere may not be a bad idea if you’re superstitious! If your mirror is fixed to a closet door or a wall and you can’t move it, simply covering it with a blanket or cloth at night would also do the trick.

Mirror Scare

While scaring yourself in a mirror brings good luck, scaring friends in a mirror brings a good laugh. There are tons of different mirror pranks you can do to scare your friends (in a non-hostile way).

Scaring Yourself in the Mirror is a GOOD Thing!

We’re all guilty of being a little too unobservant sometimes. So, when you walk past a mirror and get startled by the reflection of yourself, don’t be embarrassed. Actually, give yourself a pat on the back, because you just gave yourself some luck!

This being said, if you’re actively trying to scare yourself, it probably wont have the same effect. So to all of our blissfully aware readers, keep on keepin’ on.

True Mirror

Looking in a mirror definitely has it’s benefits, but have you ever seen your true reflection? A “true” mirror uses two first surface mirrors place perfectly against each other at a 90 degree angle. When you see your reflection, you’re seeing yourself as others see you, rather than the reversed image you’re used to seeing in a typical mirror.

Calm Yourself

It is said that if you are nervous or anxious about something, you should gaze into a mirror. Looking into a mirror often is said to make you less socially awkward, and help you develop a better sense of self.

When you’re looking at your reflection the spirit world is supposed to take all of your troubles to their side. This sounds much better than them weighing you down in the living world!

However, If you’re caught staring into the mirror for too long, they might just take your soul. Choose your fate–stare carefully.

Halloween Traditions

A lot of Halloween traditions, including this one, were created by women in the 1800’s-1900’s in pursuit of love. Even traditions you wouldn’t think were love inspired–like bobbing for apples! Bobbing for apples originated as a fortune telling game, and each apple would represent a potential suitor for a lovely lady.

Seeing Your Future Husband

Little girls dream about Prince Charming sweeping them off their feet one day; it’s just a thing they do. But what if you could see who your future soul mate actually was?

If you want to see your future husband, you’re going to need 4 things: a mirror, a lit candle, an apple, and a knife. Make sure that you’re doing this on Halloween night as well.

Cut the apple into nine slices, and eat eight of those slices. Then, take the ninth slice and throw it into the mirror. Your husband-to-be will appear in the mirror to catch the ninth slice of apple.

Apotropaic Magic

Apotropaic magic is a type of magic that is intended to ward off harm of evil influences by deflecting misfortune or stopping the “evil eye”. Egypt, Greece, and many other countries have their own ways of viewing/practicing this type of magic.

Hanging a Mirror to Scare Away Spirits

Brass Mirrors were to hang above idols in China. This way, if evil spirits were to enter their place of worship, they would see their reflection and run away.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mirror, any highly reflective object will do. In Cambridge, an 1800’s men’s shoe buckle was found hanging on the wall. It was believed to be used to ward evil away much like the mirrors in China.

Today, many people hang mirrors across their front door to reflect negative energy away and protect the home. Hey, its cheaper than an alarm system.

However, if any of these do actually happen, here is a video that tells you how to reverse the bad luck!

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  1. I need to talk to someone who really knows about a mirror. One that after I tell the story you can tell me how to destroy it, PLEASE.

    1. Even though I don’t know your story, I feel like I have had a similar experience as you with a mirror recently. My fiancé bought me
      this mirror at an estate sale because after I had seen a picture of it I wanted it. Once it came home it looked totally different to me, it was bigger, seemed heavy, and I didn’t like it so I put it in the basement. I knew I could not destroy the mirror because i felt to my soul it would only make things worse. So I did the only thing I felt I could, I sold it, for only $20. On the day it left my house my 2 year old said “the bad man left” as she cried hysterically in a way I have never seen her cry. I rubbed her back and consoled her, I literally told her that mommy took care of the problem and whatever bad was in our home was gone for good because I will not allow it. I could go on..but anyway, I used to love mirrors and now I’m much more cautious about bringing them into my home especially any pre-owned ones.

      1. Paula my friend recently broke a mirror and is in need of serious help. Can she please contact you for advice. Her name is Caroline. Please help my friend.

  2. what is the deal with my mirror? i went to touch it. and there was no space between my finger and the reflection. what does that mean? please help? im freaking out! 😨

    1. That means it could be a two way mirror with a room behind it. But if you know there isn’t a room behind it, it could also be a higher quality mirror.

  3. i went to touch my mirror. and there was no space between my finger and the reflection. what does that mean?

    1. That means it could be a two way mirror with a room behind it. But if you know there isn’t a room behind it, it could also be a higher quality mirror.

  4. Paula my friend recently broke a mirror and is in need of serious help. Can she please contact you for advice. Her name is Caroline. Please help my friend.

  5. I bought a new mirror as a replacement for the old one..I placed it on the same place where the old mirror stands for almost 20 years. My mother notices the mirror like it’s her first time to see it..but i have placed the new one for about 2 weeks already. She told to me removed the mirror, we had a bit of an argument because I want her to explain me why she want the new mirror be removed, I told her that I just put on a new one.After a week we had an emergency, we rushed my mother in the hospital complaining she could not breathe, It wasn’t that long that she called on her grandson, that is my son Cj..And with her dying breath she insisted to take the mirror away, without any hesitation, I summoned my son immediately to go home and take the mirror down, Not long after my mother died, and up to this day I searching for an answer why? or what my mom sees in that mirror. My mom died last March 4, 2023 not that long..but then again since we were busy with the funeral I forgot everything about the mirror and I asked my son where he put it, and he said under my bed. I am planning to donate the mirror soon. But I just want at least an answer on that mysterious mirror.

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