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In this guide, I’ll show you the very best two way mirror pranks ever made. I’ve put together a list of the most clever, popular, and scary mirror pranks. We all love to watch a good prank! Whether it’s scare pranks, look-a-like pranks, or even asking strangers weird questions to see their reactions.

Whats my favorite prank? I’m glad you asked! TWO WAY MIRROR PRANKS!

Believe it or not, it’s really entertaining to watch someone get scared with having someone else behind a mirror. It allows the prankster to apply the proper timing for their scare when they can see the other person, but the other person can’t see them……until they want them to!

For example, here is a two way mirror prank where a person is dressed up in a scary costume, and hides behind a mirror. Then, when the people approach the mirror, light is shown on the scary person, thus scaring the person viewing the mirror.

Rating: 10/10

Mirror Type Needed: Two Way Mirror

If the lighting in this prank wasn’t just right, then the whole thing could have been a bust. When using a two way mirror, its important that the lighting from the observee’s (or person being pranked) side is bright. This is why the choice of vanity lighting was so smart with this prank!

Typically, the lighting on the observer’s (or person pulling the prank) side needs to be extremely dim. This is so the person looking into the mirror as if it were a real mirror can’t see the person on the other side! With this specific prank, they turned the lighting way up after a few minutes to expose the scary nun.

Bathroom Mirror Prank

Another great example of a Two Way Mirror doesn’t even need the mirror! In this video, a lady is doing her makeup in front of a sink that has clear glass. In the other room is her twin sister mimicking her twin. Thus, creating the illusion that there is a mirror, but when other people come in, they can’t see their reflection.

Rating: 8/10

Mirror Type Recommended: Anti-Reflective Glass

While this prank is cool, it would be pretty difficult to mimic unless you had two rooms directly parallel from each other–and a twin. In the video, the two bathrooms appear to be exact opposites of each other which works out fantastic for this prank. If something like this isn’t possible for your prank, you can always try to have a backdrop printed to appear as if its a fully functioning room.

Classic Two Way Mirror Prank

Not only is this video a great prank, but also a reason to why you should check mirrors in more private locations to see if they are standard mirrors or two way mirrors! I’ll tell you how to do that soon, but first, enjoy these pranksters having  a GREAT time!

Rating: 7/10

Mirror Type Recommended: Two Way Mirror

While this was done with good intention in this video, it’s not always someone just trying to have a good laugh. If you’re in a public space, such as a bathroom, or even in a hotel room/air bnb, be aware of your surroundings! If you touch your finger to the mirror and there is no gap between your finger and its reflection, then you are standing in front of a two way mirror.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is someone watching you from the other side, but always take proper precautions in situations like this.

Two Way Mirror Hair Dresser Prank

Who says you can’t have fun at work? Enjoy these hairdressers having fun scaring their clients with someone behind a two way mirror appearing when they least expect it!

Rating: 9/10

Paranormal Activity Halloween Prank

Maybe you want to play a prank on the pizza guy? this video illustrates how you can connect more electronic functions to a two way mirror to scare off your dinner provider.

Rating: 10/10

Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

You can even use Two Way Mirrors to simply plan when you should insert the scary assistant. For example, in this video a girl hides behind a two way mirror until the lights go out. Then, she crawls into the elevator to scare people!

Rating: 10/10

Two Way Mirror “Ring” Girl

Once again, it’s real easy to get great scares by using a two way mirror. For example: having the girl from the “Ring” movie hide behind a “screen” until it lifts up and she crawls out and scares everyone!

Rating: 8/10

Ghost in mirror 1980 Vs 2013

Times and effects have changed, but still the same amount of funny! This video shows a two way mirror prank in the 1980’s compared to a similar prank in 2013!

Rating: 8/10

Two Way Mirror Bathroom

This video isn’t actually a prank. But, I thought that I would include it to show how you can use a two way mirror in many, many ways!

How Does a Two Way Mirror Work?

Two Way Mirrors are great for pranks! But, why? How does it even work? Well, a two way mirror is a type of transparent mirror that is 70% reflective and 11% transparent.  Two way mirrors are ideal for observation, privacy, infinity mirrors, and optical illusions, and pranks!

Since one side is transparent and the other side is reflective, you will need to know how to place the two way mirror so you can’t see through it.

It’s a trick of the light! You need to make sure that the room that has the one being pranked in it is brightly lit. Then, the room that has the prankster needs to be darker than the other room.

Since one side is transparent and the other side is reflective, you will need to know how to place the two way mirror so you can’t see through it.

It’s a trick of the light! You need to make sure that the room that has the one being pranked in it is brightly lit. Then, the room that has the prankster needs to be darker than the other room.

You can think of it this way: At night time, it is easy to see inside a house that has it’s lights on. But, it’s harder to look outside at night because of the lighting.

How To Test if it is a Two Way Mirror?

To test a mirror to see if it is a two way mirror is extremely easy! All you have to do is place your finger on the mirror. If there is a GAP between your finger and it’s reflection, then it is a standard mirror. If there is NO GAP, between your finger nad it’s reflection, then it is a two way mirror!

How to use a Two Way Mirror as a prank!

If you want to use a two way mirror as a prank, the advice I would give you is to control the lighting!

Like I said earlier, it only works if you have one room dark and one room brightly lit.

Or else, you might be able to see through the mirror.


We offer optical quality Two Way Mirrors. If you’re interested in a custom order, visit our main Two Way Mirror page at!

Options and Features:

If you’re wanting difference options of a Two Way Mirror, there are a few you can pick from. There is glass, acrylic, and even a two way mirror film that you can apply to clear glass.

The two way mirror film may be the cheapest option, but over time it will bubble and become ruined and noticeable. But, for a one-time quick prank, it will work just fine!

Acrylic Two Way Mirror

As for longer lasting installations, such as the one in the video above, you will want either glass or acrylic.

If you are going to by touching or moving the mirror often you would want acrylic. Acrylic two way mirrors are great for more mobile pranks and projects because they are lighter and harder to break. However, they do scratch just as easily as glass.

Glass Two Way Mirror


The glass Two Way Mirror is another great option, because it is stronger and sturdier. The acrylic two way mirror stars to give a distorted image after a certain size, but you can order the glass two way mirror as large or small as you would like! It is also water proof, so it will last longer.

Two Way Mirror Film

The Two Way Mirror Film is the cheapest option out of the three.

The film is great if you’re using it as a quick and easy, one-time prank!

But, for a long lasting installation you won’t want the film. Over time it bubbles and starts to be noticeable.

The film applies right on top of glass with a solution. It is an easy process to place the film on top of the glass, and you can even order the film in custom sizes as well!

Two Way Mirror Prank Ideas:

  • Have a spooky message appear while someone is looking into the mirror.
  • Hide behind the mirror then wait for the perfect moment to turn on the lights and scare them!
  • Make people think it is a standard mirror and have them do funny faces into it.
  • Hook up a microphone and talk to them through it. Making them think there is a ghost!

I hope that you have a great time Two Way Mirror Pranking!! thank you for reading!


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