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Dodecahedron Infinity Mirror

Learn how to make a stunning Infinity Mirror in this complete step-by-step guide, updated for 2023.

In addition, we’ll explain how they work in detail, and show you stunning infinity mirrors you can purchase pre-made such as dodecahedrons, hypercubes, and bottomless pits.

It is unbelievably easy to create an Infinity Mirror with a couple mirrors and LED light strip. Let’s get started:


Framed Infinity Mirror (Colored 2-Way Acrylic)

Looking for a completely custom, pre-assembled system, built to any size you want? We offer full manufacturing services for large-scale infinity mirror systems. Contact us with your idea and we’ll make it a reality!

Choosing the Best Mirror

When it’s finally time for you to start your project, you’re going to need to find the right kind of glass mirrors to use to achieve the infinite tunnel illusion.

First and foremost is picking your Two Way (One Way) Mirror glass, and Standard Mirror. Two Way Mirrors are known as semi-transparent mirrors, meaning  70% of the light will be reflected while 11% is transparent. The distance between the two parallel mirrors can really play a significant role on the overall effect and look of the depth perceived in the illusion.

Below is a list of mirror options you can use as the top layer for your infinity mirror setup:

Glass Two Way Mirror

The Glass Two Way Mirror is great to use if you want minimal ghosting in the infinity effect and you want the viewer to see the infinity without seeing themselves at the same time. The result is a dark, twisty infinity with a lot of depth. As if you were in a endless tunnel of illusions.

  • 70% reflective, 11% transparent
  • Best for most infinity mirror illusions
  • Can be tempered and/or laminated

Acrylic Two Way Mirror

(Touch to Animate)

The Acrylic Two Way Mirror is ideal for projects that need a mirror that is more durable and less likely to break. Avoid it for larger projects because it will create a funhouse effect.

  • 70% reflective, 30% transparent
  • Max size recommended is 12″ x 24″ for 1/8″ thickness
  • Max size recommended is 24″ x 48″ for 1/4″ thickness

(Touch to Animate)

Glass Smart Mirror

The Glass Smart Mirror is great for projects that require switching the mirror effect when the lights off so that it is a regular mirror. A Glass Two Way Mirror will just appear like a dark tinted glass when the lights are off.

  • 70% reflective, 30% transparent
  • Can be tempered and/or laminated
Dielectric Mirror

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Dielectric Mirror

The Dielectric Mirror also can provide an infinity illusion. This could be awesome for projects that need a larger clear glass case and then utilize only a portion of the mirror for an infinity effect.

  • 45% reflective, 55% transparent
  • Can be tempered and/or laminated

For instance, this Lego Millenium Falcon Coffee Table could be encased in Dielectric Glass and then on the bottom for the infinity elevator the glass floor would be seamless and the lego would appear to be sitting on a mirror. One would just need to add the LED strips and standard mirror to the bottom of the coffee table and paint the rest of the bottom black to achieve this effect.

(Touch to Animate)

Two Way Mirror Film

The Two Way Mirror Film can be used on clear glass to create an infinity mirror. This is a great budget option but notice that the mirror quality is much more foggy, not as crisp as the glass and acrylic options.

  • 80% reflective, 5% transparent
  • Great budget option

Standard Mirror (Bottom Layer)

One HUGE advantage to using Acrylic on the bottom layer is if you want to add a special inside shape like pink pumpkin picture. Acrylic is easy to drill into so you can hide the wires and plug it in seamlessly.

For the bottom layer, any of the semi-transparent two way mirrors can be used to get a wide variety of special effects.


Standard Mirror

The Standard Mirror has a nice chrome polish that allows light to around within a room to create the effect of a larger space. Brighten up your room by letting natural light bounce throughout your space.

  • 96% Reflective, 0% Transparent
  • Custom sizes available with worldwide shipping

First Surface Mirror

The Glass First Surface Mirror has an optical grade mirror coating on the top of the glass that minimizes distortion for the best reflection possible. Ideal to use for when you want to avoid double image or ghosting appearance that standard mirrors posses.

  • Custom sizes available online
  • Custom shapes available upon request

Acrylic First Surface Mirror

The Acrylic First Surface Mirror has a mirror coating on top of the glass instead of the bottom compared to standard mirrors. This prevents the ghosting and double image standard mirrors provide.

  • 94% Reflective, 0% Transparent
  • Custom sizes available online

Choosing The Best Lighting

You cannot achieve your illusion without picking your lights! LED lights provide quick and convenient results when applying them into your mirror display.

With their small size, LED lights are easy to measure to the length you need, and cut down to size for your piece’s frame. They come in a variety of options in both size and color. You can purchase single colored, multicolored, and remote controlled colored LEDs. Some can even be paired with Alexa or Google Home for voice command and app controlled features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the inside of my infinity mirror?
As long as you build your mirror properly, you will not have to clean the inside at all. Pre-clean all the pieces before you start assembling your infinity mirror. Ensure that there is a snug, tight seal upon assembly and all you will have to clean is the top layer. Compressed air can help blow out any debris inside.

Can I use two standard mirrors instead of two way glass?
Two standard mirrors would not create the infinity effect desired. The two way glass allows just the right transparency and reflection to cause the effect. There are a number of other options below to choose from that will also work for your one of a kind infinity mirror.

Can I use a regular frame for my infinity mirror?
A regular frame most likely does not have enough space to insert two panes of glass and the lights. For this reason, we recommend using a shadowbox frame for regular wall mirror projects.

Does the size of my project matter?
As long as you have the required materials, the size of your project doesn’t matter. You can make a small functional mirror or a large gaming table.

What other projects can I apply the infinity effect?
The infinity effect can be applied to tons of ideas. We make chess boards, tables, and even corn hole boards! Follow the basic structure and get creative – we have everything you need!

Should I order tempered or non-tempered glass for my infinity mirror project? Tempering is great for infinity mirrors that are being used as a tabletop or in a public space where risk of breakage is higher.

It will create a small distortion in the reflection around the 1″ perimeter of the glass – not very noticeable in this type of project.

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