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The Samsung Sero TV is a rotating TV that can sync to your phone and display content such as Instagram and TikTok in a vertical format, then rotates to landscape mode for YouTube and Netflix. It’s a space-saving and stylish upgrade to any room’s design. Elegantly minimal with a navy blue stand, it is 360° of innovative beauty. The Samsung Sero redefines what a television screen can do.

The Sero TV also works great for store displays, advertising, home decor, and trade show demos.

The Samsung Brand Has been No.1 for over 14 years.
Product Sizing

Check out Samsung’s new ad for the Sero:

Samsung’s Sero television is available in one size, 43″ with it’s eye catching rotating screen.

The Sero Tv is great for relaxing during down time.
Rotating Screen Details
Rotating with a Cellular Device

The Samsung Sero TV will not rotate automatically with the use of Apple devices, however the Sero TV does come with a remote to rotate the TV screen. The Samsung Sero TV also posses a feature called “Mobile Optimized Screen”, which means it can mirror your smartphone when it is in landscape mode or portrait mode – directly onto the television screen. The cool aspect of this is that when your screen is being mirrored onto the television screen, as you rotate your phone screen, the TV will also rotate.

Sound Features

This Samsung TV comes prepared for home movie nights with a powerful sound system built-in. Built directly in the front of this television is the 4.1ch 60 w front firing speakers, allowing for an immersive, amplified listening experience. Along with the sound system in the front of the Samsung Sero TV, this TV also comes with the Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) feature. AVA’s use audio spatial intelligence to recognize when louder sounds around could potentially distract the viewer. When the AVA detects loud, distracting noises, it automatically clarifies the voices on-screen. 

Amazing sound Quality From the Samsung Sero Tv
Picture Quality

Samsung’s Sero provides the viewer with a better, more realistic picture quality when compared to ordinary televisions. The Sero TV posses a 4K picture screen and is capable of displaying lower quality footage and movies in 4K.  Adaptive Picture is also included with the Samsung Sero TV, adaptive brightness technologies allow the TV to detect when the lighting conditions surrounding the television change. If the television detects a change in the surrounding light, it will automatically brighten or dim itself. Another outstanding feature that the Sero comes prepared with is an attachable wheel, which allows you to move your TV with ease. 

Amazing Picture Quality with 100% Colour Volume
Home Uses

This product is great for in-home entertainment including gaming or movie nights with friends. It’s unique designs give any room a new stylish design. You can style your room with quotes, pictures, or videos in vertical or horizontal orientation. This design is thin and movable, allowing cellular device gaming to be taken to a whole new level – with the feature of rotating, you can game vertically and horizontally.

Great picture quality weather its day or night
Built-In Functions

Samsung’s Sero TV functions with both Samsung and Apple devices. Samsung devices simply just have to tap their mobile device onto the tv and this will immediately start screen mirroring. IPhone users will have to connect manually, but it’s fully supported through Airplay 2 – which is another awesome feature inside the Sero TV. Apple AirPlay 2 allows for effortless movie watching, shows, music, and photos right from your apple devices.

Great for the TIme, Weather, or relaxing music. Anytime.

Reviews on The Samsung Sero Tv:

Tomsguide Said: He’s For “Rotating display, Work with Android and Apple, Ideal for watching social videos.” But Tomsguide also said he’s against “Underwhelming audio and Can’t Mount on the Wall”


Trusted Reviews Web page Said: ” Samsung’s new Sero Tv is Perfect for millennial’s.”

Great Sound feature from an thin source

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