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I’m going to show you how to clean your flat screen TV, without scratching it! I’ll show you the best cleaner and wipes to use, and how to properly use them.

Most TV screens these days are soft plastic, so you have to be extremely careful about how you clean them. If you clean them with the wrong solution or the wrong wipes, you could cause permanent damage to your screen, such as fogging, discoloring, or scratching it!

There are two different techniques that I use to clean a TV. A lot of people recommend spraying down a microfiber cloth when cleaning your TV and that’s one good way to do it. For small smudges, simply use distilled water to avoid wearing out the anti reflective coating of your TV.

It’s important not to use any wood-based wipes, such as paper towels or kleenex tissues, because the fibers are too rough on the surface. If you’re using isopropyl alcohol, make sure it’s a 50% or less solution so you’re not over-drying your screen. Don’t use regular Windex or other household cleaners and ammonia based cleaners. The Windex brand actually makes a special electronics cleaner for televisions, which works great! Electronics cleaners are ultra gentle, as they don’t contain ammonia or alcohol. If your TV just needs a dusting, use compressed air or run a microfiber very gently over the surface. Use a small amount of distilled water to make the dust cling to the microfiber wipe.

How NOT to clean your TV:

Don’t use regular tap water, which leaves a residue. Don’t press too hard, you don’t want to distort any of the pixels. The other way is simply spray a small amount over your screen and then wipe it away. If you’re using that second technique, you just want to be sure you’re not spraying so much that it’s running down into the bezel or into other electronics! You also want to make sure that it’s not dripping off of the TV. The other thing you’ll want to know when cleaning your TV is that you want to use a soft microfiber wipe that doesn’t leave fibers behind! If it sheds fibers, you will find that sometimes after you’ve already cleaned the TV, you have to clean it again! This is because cleaning the TV creates a small static electricity charge, which attracts the fibers of the microfiber cloth.

What to use:

You’ll want to use a 50% isopropyl alcohol spray, also known as lens cleaner. Alternatively, you can use the product Screen Mom, which is especially formulated for TVs! I find that this works great! Where can you find inexpensive microfiber wipes? Probably the easiest way is at simply your local Walmart or Home Depot. Even Lowe’s, Menards Or the Dollar Tree should carry them! You can also check the automotive section. Another way that you can find the isopropyl alcohol and cleaner the wipes, is in the lens aisle of your local grocery store. They often sell them bundled as kits for eyeglasses.