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Have you ever wondered about what you would do during an at-home emergency?

What if someone was breaking in and you weren’t able to get out?

You can build a saferoom just about anywhere–and it seems a lot better than hiding in your closet!

Building a safe room is ideal for multiple situations, not just for home invasions. A safe room has separate walls/ floor/ceiling, so it is essentially room within a room.

This means that it is sturdy enough to withstand a tornado depending on the material its made of (and the size of the tornado!).

Going hand in hand with tornados, safe rooms are most commonly found in areas with high wind conditions. A safe room will protect you and your family from any flying debris!

Top 3 Best Safe Room Products:

1. Two Way Mirror

A two way mirror is a necessity for any saferoom! A key component to feeling safe is to still be able to see what’s going on and not to be caught off guard when you hear a noise.

Whether your safe room is under the stairway or built into the room, a two way mirror is an amazing tool.

When in use, the two way mirror looks like a standard mirror from one side; this is the side you would have facing the room.

A robber will think that you just have a mirror on the wall, without giving up your location.

The only important aspect to note is the lighting. You want to on the SAFE side to be dim, then the lighting on the outside to be bright.

Two Way Mirror Observation Room

The lighting process allows the reflective side to be more reflective and harder to see through. This is what gives it that high quality standard wall mirror illusion.

You have the choice between an acrylic two way mirror or a glass two way mirror. Essentially the same thing with differences in strength and transparency, so choose the one that works for you.

2. Two Way Mirror Film

If you like the sound of the glass two way mirror above, but simply can’t afford it, you might be wondering…

Is there a cheaper way to achieve this effect? The answer is yes!

Two way mirror film can be ordered at a custom size and be applied easily with just a few simple tools.

The two way mirror film is applied to clear glass. So, all you need is to add a clear glass window, then cover it with the two way mirror film.

Once again, you will want the reflective side to be facing the robber, and the transparent side to be facing you.

You will also need the same lighting situation. For the safe room to work, you will need the lighting in the safe room to be darker than the lighting in the corresponding room.

The two way mirror film can be easily applied to any clear glass.


3. Two Way Mirror Ballistic Glass

Ballistic Two Way Mirror Side View
Ballistic Two Way Mirror Sample

Now that you’ve seen the glass two way mirror and the two way mirror film, lets talk about ballistic glass.

The ballistic two way mirror serves the same purpose as the glass two way mirror, and mirror film. The main difference being, it is MUCH stronger.

The ballistic glass is created by placing layers of glass and poly. There are different levels of ballistic glass due to different types of thickness. The glass and poly are layered one after the other to provide ultimate strength and protection.


It still looks like a mirror, but since it is thicker and stronger, it makes it harder to break. Ballistic glass is commonly used in jewelry stores, banks, and large security enforced buildings.

All of this being said, ballistic glass is not 100% bulletproof. The more it is shot at, the weaker it will be. However, that would take a lot of time and dedication on the enemies side.

Overall, the ballistic glass is great if you want the ultimate protection in your safe room.

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