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Camera recording through the back of Teleprompter Halo Ringlight Attachment.

What is a Halo Teleprompter?

The Halo makes video creation fun and easy! Unlike a standard teleprompter, where you read scrolling text, the Halo allows you to focus on your body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions while you create fast videos. No longer will you be distracted and slowed down by scrolling text, tedious rehearsing, and reliance on clunky teleprompter software.


  • Simple – Record through the mirror, watching body language & facial expressions.
  • Lightweight – Mirror attachment weighs only a few pounds!
  • 3mm Thick Teleprompter or VanityVision Glass
  • Black Shroud Included
  • Easy Setup – Two screws to secure the plastic ring.
  • Optical Quality – 18″ or 19″ Diameter Optical Grade Mirror.
  • Compatibility – Use a cell phone, DSLR, or camcorder to record thru it.
  • No Software Required – Ditch the software, you won’t need it.
  • Adjustable Height – The stand expands to a maximum height of 8 feet (2.4 meters).
  • Adjustable Angle – Easily tweak the glass to the perfect angle for viewability.
  • Ships Immediately – We keep the Halo in stock and ready to go.
  • Great Value – It’s just $599.95
  • 90-Day Returns – Hate it? Send it back to us!


  • Content Creation
  • Beauty Blogging
  • Teleprompting
  • Video Recording
  • Photobooth Mirror
  • Modeling
  • Going Live

Mirror & Shroud Only

Order Halo Mirror Attachment

18″ Halo Teleprompter Attachment


19″ Halo Teleprompter Attachment


18″ Halo Vanity Attachment


19″ Halo Vanity Attachment



$519.95Add to cart


$584.95Add to cart


$519.95Add to cart


$584.95Add to cart

Mirror, Shroud, Ring Light & Tripod

Order Halo System

Vanity Halo System


Teleprompter Halo System



$779.95Add to cart


$779.95Add to cart

Ditch reading text. Make video–fast!

A Halo Teleprompter or Vanity is way more fun than a standard teleprompter!

Unlike a standard teleprompter, the halo ring light mirror attachment flawlessly records through the mirror while seeing yourself in the reflection. Ideal for beauty bloggers, content creators, make up gurus or beginners this incredible ring light accessory will change the way you vlog.

The secret is in the optical mirror coating. Purchase the attachment with our Teleprompter Mirror Glass or Vanity Mirror Glass. Both have stunning reflections and perfect light transmission for video or photography.

To determine which mirror will work better for you, keep reading below! We will help you find the perfect mirror to fit your application.

"The Halo Mirror Attachment adapts to most 18" & 19" Ringlights."

Product Images

Customize your ringlight

Two different types of optical mirror to choose from.

VanityVision Glass Ringlight Attachment

More Reflective

70% Reflective – 30% Transparent

More focused on beauty blogging or prefer a crisper mirror reflection? We suggest going with our VanityVision Smart Mirror. The mirror quality is unbeatable.

Teleprompter Glass Ringlight Attachment

More Transparent

60% Transparent- 40% Reflection

Want clearer recording quality? With the teleprompter mirror halo attachment no need to adjust your camera settings. Record easily through. The light transmission will be stronger than the reflective coating. Add the black shroud to really make the reflection pop.

Still unsure what mirror to buy?

Test out a sample before-hand.

8″ x 8″ VanityVision Miror Sample 1/8″ $9.95   

$14.95Add to cart

8″ x 8″ Teleprompter Miror Sample 1/8″ $9.95   

$14.95Add to cart

Why would I need to use the included black shroud?

When recording through either teleprompter mirror or vanityvision mirror, the shroud will cut light reflecting off the back of the mirror. If you plan on recording without the shroud, be sure your cell phone or camera can be mounted completely flat against the glass.

The black shroud is easily removed or added with its velcro attachment.

Using the Halo Ringlight Mirror Attachment for a Photobooth Application

Apple Ipad Ringlight Photo Booth

The ring light mirror attachment makes an instant DIY photo booth that compliments every occasion. Use Apples Siri voice assistant to help take the picture, or purchase a bluetooth shutter compatible with your Apple iPad. Download a free or paid photobooth app, grab your bluetooth camera shutter button, and your booth is ready! Save hundreds with this plug and play option.

Check out these Apple Photobooth Apps. Perfect for your Ipad Mirror Photobooth,

Simple Booth

Photo Booth Camera

Pocket Booth


Android Ringlight Photobooth

The ring light mirror attachment makes an instant DIY photo booth Android devices as well. Download a free or paid photobooth app, grab your bluetooth camera shutter button, and your booth is ready! Save hundreds with this plug and play option.

Check out these Android Photobooth Apps. Perfect for your Ringlight Mirror Photobooth,

Simple Booth

Photo Booth Camera

Layout from Instagram

Pocket Booth

Live Halo Mirror Demonstration

Live Halo Mirror Demonstration

Shipping & Lead Time

All ring lights and ring light mirrors are in stock ready to ship same day!

Return Policy

90 Day Returns.

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