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Mirror, mirror on the wall. . .who is the most haunted of them all?

From trapped souls & paranormal activity, to nightmares and unsettled feelings–is your mirror the culprit?

Let’s talk ghost stories and cursed mirrors, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll relate.

What is a Haunted Mirror?

Throughout the existence of the mirror, Romans believed that mirrors could trap souls and cause bad luck to those who own it. If the mirror wasn’t cared for properly, then it could allow bad things to happen. How? Let’s talk about some of the creepiest mirror superstitions.

Covered Mirrors

One of the better known mirror superstitions is if a loved one dies in their home, you need to cover the mirrors. This is important because if you don’t, their soul could wander around and get trapped inside a mirror.

There are multiple variations on this superstition from all around the world. They even covered mirrors in the White House when Abraham Lincoln died!

Check out this article for more information

Sitting Shiva

Covering the mirrors in a home to protect the living and the dead. It is believed that demons are attracted to homes where tragedy has recently struck, like a bad luck magnet.

Mostly Ghostly

A belief in Chinese culture is that if you carry a corpse past a mirror, they would become a ghost. This doesn’t sound too bad, until you think about the fact that they’d never be at peace–haunting you forever.

You’re Next

German and Dutch cultures had a more eerie belief. If you saw your reflection after a loved one had passed, this was an omen that you were to be the next to pass.

Broken Mirror Superstition

Broken Mirrors

Another superstition is when you brake a mirror, you will receive 7 years of bad luck.

Ancient Roman culture believed that the soul regenerated every 7 years. They thought that mirrors reflected not only your physical appearance, but your soul as well. So essentially, you were waiting for an entirely new soul to rid yourself of the bad luck.

There are tons of mirror superstitions and stories out there. We even have a blog post dedicated solely to superstitions and how to reverse the superstitions.

This blog post is going to be talking about spooky and haunted mirror stories! Even an old frame can cause some damage. How, you may ask? Keep reading. . .if you dare.

Paranormal Tales


For more stories like this, check out!

The article called “Haunted Mirrors and the Paranormal” has multiple accounts of haunted mirror stories. It gives background information of why people did what they did, and how it affected the outcome.

For example, one of the stories consists of a girl who loved to collect mirrors. She bought one that reached from the floor to the ceiling at a yard sale.

Unfortunately, the mirror started to cause bad luck for her and her family. The entity inside of the mirror was making everyone around it sick; including pets.

So, she hired a paranormal worker to take a look at her mirror and house, and had to go through a deep cleansing. Once they removed the mirror, everyone started to heal.

Scary, right? Have you notice anything bad happening in your home since you’ve gotten a new mirror?

Gettysburg's Haunted Mirror--Kindred Spirits

Psssst. . .do you enjoy watching ghost shows? If your answer is “yes”, then take a look at this haunted mirror video. It takes place in an old building in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The hosts explain how when people die, their personalities don’t change. So, what were people like back in the 1850’s?

If your answer was “no”, then think of this video more as a historical education lesson. Ghosts have a history, too. Particularly in old towns and buildings at a time when war and famine were constant.

Follow Amy and Adam through the trails left behind of the old frame. Discovering who previously owned it, the horrors that happened, and why it could lead to the mistreatment and actions that are happening to female tourist and workers of the old building.

The frame of the mirror is older than the glass, since the glass has been replaced throughout the years. However, the frame dates back to the early 1900’s.

So, basically the frame is whats making the mirror haunted since it was the original piece. Discover how they got rid of the entity and why he was there in the first place.

The Dark Mirror

Recently, a dark mirror has been discovered and is captivating anyone who spots it. Hundreds of people have been affected by the mirror.


The dark mirror has been giving people weird feels, and some even experience a type of vision. For example, in one of the cases, a woman looked into the mirror and saw her own corpse staring back at her.

It is said that the mirror isn’t technically haunted by a person, but by an entity that feeds off of fear and negativity.

As the fear grows, the more interactive the mirror becomes. So, would you look into the dark mirror?

If you’re brave enough to read some of the spooky encounters, check out more stories here!

Bad Luck in London

This is one of my favorite spooky mirror stories. This story takes place in 2013, in London. Sotiris Charlambous and his roomate, Joseph Birch, found a mirror in the dumpster outside of their residence.

It appeared to be in great shape, so they made it the newest addition to their flat–and that’s when things started to go downhill.

It started off with Sotiris waking up in the middle of the night with pains shooting through his body. Joseph became extremely depressed and lethargic, which was very out of character. All of this couldn’t be from a mirror–right?

These were minor setbacks; nothing too extreme. That is, until Sotiris painted the frame. At this point, Joseph was also feeling the pains in the middle of the night. Things around the flat had also started to go missing. Yikes.

The story doesn’t stop there. Joseph started to see things moving in the mirror, shadow-like things. This was happening even when no one in the room was moving. After all of this mayhem, the boys realized they needed to get rid of this mirror ASAP.

They auctioned it off on e-Bay, giving full disclosure of their experiences with the mirror. Once the mirror was out of their possession, their lives returned to normal. Do you think it was a coincidence? Or was it the mirror from the dumpster?

The Caputo Effect

Now that you’ve been thoroughly creeped out, it’s time for a sigh of relief. Well, kind of. While I can’t speak for items missing, people getting sick, or mysterious pains, there might be an explanation to seeing odd things in the mirror.

The Caputo Effect is a psychological effect that leads you to react to sensory deprivation with your imagination. This is just a fancy way of saying if you’re focusing on something spooky coming out of a mirror, your brain is going to make it seem like there is something there.

If you’re chanting “Bloody Mary” into the mirror and picturing a ghost popping out, your brain will add features to your own reflection to make it seem like you’re seeing things.

So, if you think you’re seeing a ghost, blink a few times, take a deep breath, and reconsider. Your brain might just be playing tricks!


Article Author: Hannah

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  1. I bought an old mirror yesterday and strange things started happening the first night. Object’s falling and weird noises waking me up. It has to be the mirror.

  2. I have a mirror in my room and I got it from a motel and ever since I got it I have had nightmares of me being trapped in places I havent dreamt of before. I used to have it in front of my bed and I moved it to the other side of the room and I’m still having the dreams

  3. My girlfriend has two circle shaped mirrors one medium one big they found them in the garbage her and her sister and her sister whom passed away but not in the house and has had them every since and since I moved in I’ve had weird creepy things happen so has everyone in the house down to the children or three year old sometimes talk to things or someone that’s not there he calls it the bad guy one night while she was sleeping I stared at myself in the mirror because I felt as if something was following me or trying to scare me but I’m very strong spiritually so I looked in the mirror it was dim light it in the room and I said I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13 I repeated myself like three times and it was like I had a quick outer Body Experience I quickly jumped all my girlfriends wake her up cuz I was so frightened and ever since then I feel as if I I’m still somehow Here but not here I was glued to the Mirror for about a month after I’ve been trying to get answers some things make sense and some things don’t I burn candles in front of it and ask for myself back that I was told but I don’t feel like I have myself back completely any answers to help will be great

    1. Don’t worry buddy just go and visit some religious palaces where ever you have beliefs in and try to not think about it too much….. it’s all in your brain …god have given you the part of his soul and no mirror can take it from you… If you are breathing your okay … I prefer you to have a holy bath …❣️🌹 God bless you…

  4. When I was 4 I used to sit in front of a mirror and have a full blown conversation with a little boy that would visit me but I was the only one to see him my mom never seen him untill one day on my birthday she was recording me cutting the cake and saw a boy in the kitchen mirror which is weird cause we had no brothers but not only that there were the words “hi mommy” in the fogged up mirror a few months later my mom was pregnant it was a boy

  5. I saw a hand print on outside of my mirror while taken a shower when I came out shower there it was.. a hand .. did not think to much about it . Unfortunately my boyfriend went up stairs and took a shower . As he came down the stairs he asked me if I put the hand print . There .I said No. Love I saw it to but it did not scare. Me my boyfriend. Was quite upset and he was frightened by this he came into my room . Where I slept in with me all night
    We fell asleep. Morning came .we talked about we should take mirror down. And put it into a bin liner. Put away from house. Returned to our home now feel. Better than we did before this is our story. Sheridon

  6. I recently bought a house that the prior owner had passed away in it. I had bought a full length mirror and had it propped against the living room wall. I was talking with my husband and happened to look over in the direction of the mirror. I saw smoke like the kind that comes from a lit cigarette. I looked away then thought, ” what did I just see?” So I looked back and I saw the smoke in the mirror which then faded away. The former owner had been a heavy smoker. I cannot explain why I saw that smoke in the mirror but I genuinely saw it.

  7. I was watching a horror movie and there was a scene with a mirror. I couldn’t remember what the deal with mirrors was, so I looked it up. I ended up falling down a rabbit hole searching for all the different legends about mirrors XD

    I’m a skeptic and mostly just love the thrill of paranormal horror, but this is interesting! I can justify it because I’m also learning about history and traditions too.

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