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Desilvering is when you start to see dark spots on your mirror. This is when the backing of the mirror is lifting and being worn away. Over time the dark spots will grow.


Our mirrors have a protective coating on them that prevents desilvering. However, if you don’t have one of our mirrors, here are ways to help prevent desilvering!

One of our Blogs focus on Bronze Mirrors. The Bronze Mirrors didn’t have desilvering because they weren’t even made with the silvering process.

Do you want to check out our Bronze Mirror page? Click Here! 

From the 15th-20th century, mirrors were made with mercury in the silvering process. This came to a halt due to consumers and workers being constantly surrounded by mercury which is toxic.

How are Mirrors Made?

Mirrors are made from glass. Once the glass is cleaned with distilled water, a layer of tin and silver is poured onto the glass.

The tin helps the silver stick to the backing of the mirror. Once the mirror is heated and dried, then it is cut to the desired shape and size.

Why Do Mirrors Desilver?

Mirrors will desilver if they are exposed to moisture. Whether its from steam from a bathroom, splashing water on it, or even improper cleaning. We recommend using ammonia free alcohol window cleaner or even lens cleaner.

The moisture from the mirror will start to create the black spots on the mirror.

What to do if Your Mirror is Desilvering?

If your mirror does start to desilver, then there are a few options where you can resolve the issue.

Buy a Frame

If the mirror does has value or importance, than you can buy a frame to go around the edges of your mirror.

The frame will hide the dark spots along the edges. However, this will not prevent the mirror from slowly desilvering over time. It will just hide it for a while.

We have plenty of frames for you to choose from if you are wanting a frame for your mirror! Scroll through the tabs below to see if you want any of the frames we have to offer!

Replace the Mirror

If you love the frame, but the mirror isn’t valuable to you and it’s starting to desilver, then you can simply just buy a new mirror to replace it.

We offer multiple mirror types for you to choose from! From standard mirrors to smart mirrors, there is a variety for you to pick!


If you love both the mirror and the frame, you can take your mirror to get it resilvered by a professional.

However, the resilvering process is extremely intense. So, if your mirror doesn’t have any sentimental or monumental value, then you shouldn’t need to do this process.

If you would like to do a DIY project that will help prevent your mirror from desilvering, check out the following video!

How to Stop Mirror Black Edge De-silvering


desilvered mirrors can be used as a unique decoration, though. If you want your room to have more of an authentic and rustic feel, then the desilvered mirror could actually help the theme of the room. It just won’t have a perfect reflection.

The can resemble an antique mirror! To learn more about antique mirrors, click here!

Prevent Desilvering

What is the best way to prevent mirror desilvering?

Buying from us!

Our mirrors are specially made. They have a protective coating on them to protect it from tarnishing!

Therefore, you won’t even need to worry about desilvered mirrors.

The protective coating eliminates the need to continuously replace the mirror!

The protective coating makes it harder to scratch the mirror, and helps keep moisture out.

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  1. I have a new mirror that has a light spot right in the middle about the size of a quarter. It looks etched and that maybe a number is imprinted there, as well. But it is smooth to the touch and no glass cleaner will remove it. It appears to come from behind and not on the mirror surface. What could this be?

    1. It could be a manufacturing default. It could also be a parts number. I’m not really sure, but if you research where it’s from that might help!

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