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647mm x 1116mm (43.937″ x 25.472″) Glass Smart Mirror – 13/64″ Thickness


Glass Smart Mirror for a 49″ IR Touch Overlay

Glass Smart Mirror made specifically for the 49″ IR Touch Overlay.

We make custom sizes for our glass smart mirror. However, if you are needing the exact size for the 49″ IR Touch overlay, simply add this product to your cart!

We did all of the measurements for you!

Smart mirror glass is recommended for any projects utilizing the IR Touch.

The glass has an optical mirror coating that eliminates double reflections. Thus, giving you a crisp and clear reflection. However, the glass is also transparent.

You are able to see through the glass, which is why it is optimized for smart mirror projects. You can see your reflection, while also being able to see the screen.

For more information about the smart mirror glass, visit the Smart Mirror Glass product.

Only includes the glass.

Overall size: 1116.4mm x 646.9mm.

Glass thickness: 5mm

Edges: Sanded

Tempered: No

Quantity: 1

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have any customizations.