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Product Craftsman – Working in our shop to create the innovative products that we sell, ranging from teleprompters, mirror televisions, infinity mirrors, optical mirrors, and much more. Learn how to cut and package glass, acrylic, make decorative picture frames, crate building, and more. If you enjoy working with your hands and using power tools, staying active all day, and working with great people to make cool, one-of-a-kind products, this is the perfect position for you.

Salary: $20 / hour, with opportunities for training, benefits, and advancement.

Benefits: Paid sick time, vacation time, bonuses

Business Overview: Our niche is primarily transparent glass and hidden TVs. Our clients, who are typically located outside of Toledo, discover us from our website and YouTube channels. They’re able to choose the product type on our website, and order the size and quantity they need for their projects. Our typical clients range from celebrities ordering mirror TVs for their modern living rooms, architects & artists making one-of-a-kind installations, museums creating interactive exhibits, and hobbyists looking for a hard-to-find mirror for their project. After we receive the order, it’s fulfilled by our factory and shipped all over the world to those unique clients. Size of orders ranges from cutting a single small mirror which can be done in 2-3 minutes, to larger glass projects which are to crated which we do in-house to get clients the product as quickly as possible.

Duties: Cutting glass (we train extensively on how to use simple, wall-mounted cutters to cut glass), packaging the products using bubble wrap and styrofoam, cutting acrylic, building wood a-frame crates.

Applying For the Job: We’re looking for upbeat, friendly people to join our team who are looking for long term employment. We require a cover letter describing your interest in the position, a brief phone interview, and in-person interview.

Requirements & Expectations: We’re looking for a long term, full time addition to our production team. Applicants are trained in handling a variety of different materials, ranging from glass, acrylic, and framing televisions. We are looking for self-driven, motivated workers who are looking for a career with us.

Hours: 9am – 6pm, M-F

Company Overview: We’re a rapidly expanding company with 10 employees and 15+ years dominating the optical mirror industry. Due to the recent pandemic, our products are in far greater demand than ever before for industries such as medicine, engineering, video creation, special effects, amusement park & museum exhibits, and much more. We’ve worked with many TV shows over the past 15 years, expanding to creating our own shows for YouTube and our many websites. We ship worldwide–most of our clients are find out about us through Google SEO and YouTube. Check out our latest productions to learn more about us.

All applications must be received through Indeed, and you can send supporting documents such as cover letter, portfolio (work examples), and letters of recommendation via email to us.  We only consider applications with cover letters that detail your interest in the position, as well as why you think you’d be perfect for the job.

James Baker, Team Leader: 419-261-5446
Krista Kelly, Manager: 419-461-0710

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