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Two Way Mirrors Fabrication Capabilities

Two Way Mirrors is experienced with working one on one with engineers and scientists on prototyping parts. We work with our clients to discuss all material options and recommend the best one for their application based on our 19 years of experience in the glass and mirror business.

Glass Cutting

We high precision cut a variety of specialized transparent, opaque and clear glass. Our state of the art facility carries most mirror types in house for ultra fast delivery. We work with clients based on their needs for lead time and quality.

CNC Machining

Two Way Mirrors invested in a CNC machine that can cut special shapes or bulk process simple shapes with a super fast lead time with extremely high precision. For new clients, just send us a quote request at with your diagram (PDF and DXF files are great!) and quantity needs so we can service you.


With the powers of waterjet cutting, we can prototype and create unique shapes in glass and other materials within 1-2 business days. Send us a quote at with your PDF or DXF file, along with the quantity you need and we will get it quoted for you.

Heat Tempering

Tempering makes glass about 10 times stronger and is a form of safety glass. When and if it breaks, it will break into small, safe pieces.


We can provide custom laminated glass that is made up of layers of glass that are used in specialty applications. Clients tend to laminate glass and mirrors to avoid the distortion in the mirror reflection that tempering can cause. Lamination acts like a car windshield. If it breaks, all of the pieces stick together. We can also temper AND laminate for additional safety.


We can sandblast designs onto either side of our glass products. This is typically used to diffuse light through the mirror or glass.