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That moment when you forget the wi-fi connection

So we are just getting into this live video concept. Of course, there are roadblocks, trial and error and so on. Not everything is perfect on the first try. However, we happened to have 2 camera people today and one was recording non-live. I’d say that is super lucky!

Two Way Mirror Film for Smart Mirrors?

The two way mirror film is great for privacy purposes and it also has the additional bonus of keeping your house cooler by blocking 99% of UV light. Many people want the film because they are doing a smart mirror project and want it done on the cheap. There’s a few issues with that:

  • It’s only 5% transparent so the display quality is terrible
  • The reflection is foggy, not crisp, so mirror selfies are OUT
  • Cannot be applied directly to the screen – will bubble and peel off quickly
  • Cannot be applied to acrylic – again will bubble and peel off long term

Notice the smart mirror reflection

In the picture on the right the reflection completely overpowers the text on the display through the mirror.

Quick Notes on Demo

The two way mirror film can be applied easily to windows in the house and trimmed to fit exactly in the frame. I highly recommend using the two way film application kit, squeegee and razor to get an expert finish. For detailed instructions, see our two way mirror film product page.

Two Way Mirror Bird Feeder

The window bird feeders are super easy to find on Amazon. With the window bird feeders that have suction cups, you can simply apply the film to the inside of your window at home and attach the feeder outside in front of the film. Sure, you can find a feeder that includes a small two way mirror film piece, but it looks way better if you take the film and apply it to the entire window instead.

This is a learning process for us as well

As we jump into the live feeds we are left with questions! What does everyone want to see live? Leave us a comment and let us know ASAP. 🙂 kthx.


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