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Have you ever cleaned your glass, but it still looks dirty?

Stress no more! This guide is designed to help you correctly clean your glass!

It will also discuss how self cleaning glass is beneficial and useful!

Self-cleaning glass is glass that cleans itself! Well, it at least stays cleaner longer than normal glass.

Dirty Glass
Cleaning Glass

Self cleaners are a great way to keep the glass clean, without having to clean it every day!

Self cleaners are coatings that you apply to glass that makes the clean last longer.

3M Self-Cleaning Glass

3M has a solution that can be applied to ceramic items, lenses, and other non-porous surfaces. Once it is applied, it helps repel water, liquids, and even dirt.

The solution is called 3M Easy Clean Coating (ECC).

This treatment creates a hydropobic surface that allows the dirt and sludge to simply rinse away.

They use the process of fluorochemistry in creating their solution.


This product is unique, because you do not have to only use it on glass, but any non-porous surface.

It also helps with stain resistance! Durability is improved by the 10% solution with ethanol and tetraethoxysilane.

The Easy Clean Coating (ECC) works by by the fluoropolymer reacting with the surfaces to create a low surface energy coating.

We applied the ECC 6000 to our glass First Surface Mirror, and sprayed it with water to imitate rain. The water effortlessly fell off, taking the dirt with it. Also, it didn’t leave any streaks!

If you want to remove the product from the surface, then you can do so by using harsh chemicals. They must consist of a very strong base, such as abrasives.

Water on Glass

You can apply the coating by spraying it, or dipping it. You will need to dilute the solution based on the weight of the product. Dilute it 1% of the weight with ethanol.

Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass

Pilkington designed a glass that has the chemical components applied to it. The glass stays cleaner by breaking down the dirt, then when it rains the water washes it right off!

The coating on the glass is activated by the UV light. So, in order for the glass to work properly, you will want to make sure it is placed in a spot that will receive a lot of sunlight.

Then, the coating lessens the amount of dirt by reducing the adherence of it by breaking it down.

This process is called “photocatalytic”.

After the dirt breaks down, the rain water will wash it away! The dirt particles are picked up and carried away right off the glass!

The water, instead of forming droplets, spreads evenly throughout the glass and washes away a collective amount of dirt. This process eliminates water streaks!

ClimaGuard Blue Self-Cleaning Glass

ClimaGuard Blue is another self-cleaning coating designed for glass.

Similar to the Pilkington Activ, the Climaguard Blue is a coating that uses UV Rays to eliminate the ability for dirt and residue to stick to the surface of the glass.

Then, when it rains, the water washes away any dirt that did not get eliminated instantly.

The Climaguard Blue has two coatings to perform correctly.

The first coating is placed on the outside of the glass. This is the coating that eliminates the dirt and other substances.

This coating is used to accelerate the dirt’s decomposition.

The second coating is then placed on the inside of the glass. It is placed on the inside to use the thermal insulation to retain heat. This is great for colder months, or if you live somewhere where it is constantly cold.

It is also beneficial because it reduces the need for air conditioning in the hot months as well.

Green Houses would strongly benefit from this product and application.

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