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Natasha Baker.

  • Editor
  • Content Creator
  • Photographer
  • Cinematographer





Hi I’m Natasha Baker

I’m an editor at heart. I started my love for editing my sophomore year of high school. I graduated from Penta Career Center in Digital Video Production. I’ve loved editing ever since. Then I got into photography taking pictures of nature and prom pictures. Photography is my one escape from the real world to dive into a new project every day. Each project gives me a joy that I can’t put into words. I’m also passionate about hydro dipping. It’s an amazing spray paint project with multiple colors and a world of adventure and curiosity.

You never know what to expect when editing, taking pictures or starting a new project. I’ve always been a creative person ready to let my creative colors fly.

This is natasha in an edited picture holding colored glass.

Videos Starred In

Being in this video about Dichroic Mirrors was amazing. I was able to learn new information and take some amazing pictures of the glass.

This video was about understanding the properties of Glass. I had a blast being in this video I really boosted my energy for this video.

Sharing the process of growing with the Kratky Method was a blast. It was an amazing experience to share. My favorite part about this video was watching the whole system come together.

The Hydro Dipping a picture has got to be my favorite video to film. I had a blast working with the multiple colors of spray paint and giant frame. It was a fun day overall working with a great crew behind the camera.

This video about Mirropane was an amazing experience. I got to get my make up and hair done. I’m also a little better at the teleprompter at this point. It was fun getting all the BRoll together for this filming day.

This was my first video here at Two Way Mirrors. I was a little rocky using a teleprompter again. But I had a blast being in a video that had so much informational value.

Videos I've Edited

The video editing on this one was kinda tricky. Making sure we had the correct glass and pauses in the video makes a huge difference in editing. Making the rain transition background was probably one of my favorite background we have. Also had help on editing this one with Jessica.

My favorite part about editing this video was adding the videos in the corner of the video. It shows and example of the product making sure you know what Hannah is talking about.

The editing on this video was fun just from working with the gimbal getting the right angles of the glass edges. Adding each shutterstock clip was just a blast finding one that goes along with the lesson in the video.

The best part about editing this video was working with the green screen. I had a blast picking out the backgrounds and editing the project. Working with the Ultra Key in Premiere Pro is just a blast.  I’m so thankful that it’s gotta so many views!

My favorite part about editing this video was placing together the timeline for the transitions to run smoothly.

This was my first video at Two Way Mirrors. My favorite part was showing my editing. It was great showing how I worked an editting timeline and moving around clips, transitions, and title cards.

Being in this video about Dichroic Mirrors absolute a blast to edit. In this video I use field blur and camera blur to make backgrounds pop. It makes the focus go to our beautiful products.

This video was a great experience to edit. I place a ton of amazing stock pictures and glass pictures that we took in studio to really represent the products to make sure you could understand what I was talking about. I used camera blur and smooth transitions to make the video flow nicely.

When editing this video I made sure to make it close to a guide but more fun. I added close up’s and zoom in’s on products and on backgrounds.