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Positions Available:

Content Creator – Entry level position: learn how to create vlogs, blogs, video production, and copywriting while covering a wide range of products from infinity mirrors to smart mirrors.

Salary: $15 / hour, with many opportunities for benefits and advancement.

Hours: 9am – 6pm, M-F

Company Overview: We’re a rapidly expanding company with over 10 employees and 15 years dominating the optical mirror industry. We’ve worked with many TV shows over the past 15 years, expanding to creating our own shows for YouTube and our many websites. We ship worldwide–most of our clients are find out about us through Google SEO and YouTube. Check out our latest productions! Trainees are expected to learn and master Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and WordPress, among various other camera equipment and software.


James Baker, Team Leader: 419-276-2809
Krista Kelly, Sales Manager: 419-461-0710

Learn more about what we do below:

Krista Kelly, Sales Manager For Two Way Mirrors

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Hannah Machesky - Content Creator For Two Way Mirrors

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