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The infinity mirror dress is a wearable costume that combines high tech wiring, LEDs, and high powered batteries.

Today, DJ’s, singers, actresses, models, and music festival organizers all over the world wear LED costumes. Lighting elements create absolutely new visuals which transform you into a character from another world. Variety of fabric, lighting diodes, custom wiring and additional elements provides an effect that is vivid and striking, restrained and elegant or perhaps something in-between.

Design is inspired by movie characters such as the famous movie “Tron: legacy”. These Illuminating costumes display a very popular ultra-high technology style created by means of Ultra Bright LED lights controlled by remote control.

The dress is made from LED strips, MGTF wires, Rep ribbon, soutache, shrinkage, and mirrors.

This dress is a walking piece of art, allowing you to light up the room in your own unique way.

Product Description

The dress comes with:

  • LED Dress
  • Vinyl Dress
  • Black Underwear
  • Black Shoe Bait

The product is lightweight, and it has a zipper in the back.

Infinity Dress Back

The dress is battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about being plugged into the wall.

The batteries have little pockets that they are placed in. The battery pockets are located in the backside of the dress near the zipper.

Battery Pack

Only the bottom half of the dress has a zipper. So, if you’re wanting a tighter fit, we recommend using zip ties to connect the upper half of the dress.

The zip ties fit perfectly between the mirrors and the wires for a secure fit.

The dress has a clear, plastic like material at the top of the dress. It has black vinyl on the bottom of the dress for extra coverage. You can wear a black tank-top with the dress as well, if you would like to be covered more.


To turn the dress on, all you have to do is click the attached wired buttons. Continue clicking them to achieve your desired light pattern, as well as to turn the dress off.

Infinity Dress

The Infinity Mirror Dress has many different light settings!

From flashing, blinking, swirling, and color changing, the lights in the dress have many different patterns for you to choose from.

Another feature is the simplicity of the battery packs. All you have to do is place rechargeable batteries in the battery pockets, and connect them to the wire.

Special Note from the makers of the infinity dress: Light solutions ETERE

 “If the weight of the product doesn’t matter to you and you want less maintenance problems, then order our product – strong edition.”

Therefore, there are different versions of the dress if you’re interested.

Where to Purchase

Since the Infinity Mirror Dress is handmade and delicately crafted, it does have a higher price than your normal day-to-day dress.

You can check out the details and price of the Infinity Mirror Dress here: Etsy Infinity Mirror Dress

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantage: The infinity mirror dress is riveting and unforgettable. Wherever you’re headed, you will be remembered and have people begging to take pictures.

Disadvantage: The dress is battery powered. Thus, if you plan on being out for a long time, you’ll have to cart around spare batteries, and the dead batteries.

Advantage: The dress is actually lightweight. It’s easy to walk in, and the weight is distributed evenly, so it’s not putting pressure all on one side.

Disadvantage: The zipper is only on the bottom half of the dress. So, if you don’t want your back wide open, you’ll need zip ties to connect the mirrors on the upper back.

Advantage: The switch that changes the colors of the lights (and turns it on/off) is easy to access! It’s located at the bottom of the dress, and you can hold the switch to make the dress change whenever you want.

Disadvantage: The battery pack is located on the backside. So, you’ll either have to take the dress off to change the batteries, or have someone do it for you.

Advantage: The lights are LED. Therefore, they’ll last for a long time.

Disadvantage: There are wires EVERYWHERE. If some of the lights don’t work or something becomes loose, then you’ll have to figure out where the wire detached.

What Can You Use the Infinity Mirror Dress For?

So now you’ve seen and learned about the infinity mirror dress. But, what can you use it for? It’s up to you! Though, we can give you some suggestions.

  1. Take it clubbing! Putting on the dress will definitely bring the party to any room.

2. Halloween/Costume Parties! You could be Captain Infinity, a Space Themed Super Hero, or any other creative idea you might have.

3. Use it for a video shoot. We do a lot of video tutorials about our products. For example, below we have a “DIY Infinity Mirror” video, and including the dress added a magical and dazzling effect to the purpose of the video.

4. Have your own One Man Show/Entertainment business? Add the infinity mirror dress! Your audience will be intrigued by this rare and mesmerizing outfit! You’ll be the talk of the town, and everyone will want to hire you!

5. Carnivals and Festivals! You’ll blend in (but still stand out) with all of the carnival festivities! Games, prizes, and a walking light show (you)!!!

6. Fashion shows! Maybe you’ve always wanted to host a fashion show but you never had a lead piece. Well, now you do! Below is an example of the Infinity Mirror Dress on a Runway!

AVANTGARDISTA 2018: Etere Shop Model Runway


“In order to make the product lightweight and absolutely not affecting on the work of the artist, we use very thin wires. They do not break on the bend, but they can break at the place of soldering. This is a constructive feature of production, the lighter weight of the product, the more easily it breaks.
We try our best to prevent damage, but in this product there are about 2000 soldering points, and the failure of one of them may require repair of the entire product. We’ve made the design modular, so you can repair the product without the need for soldering. But you should understand that breakdowns can occur during the entire time of use and you will have to use a soldering iron.”

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Infinity Mirror Dress! Tell us your opinions about it in the comments! 

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