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New Video: How to Make a Two Way Mirror  [2019]

Have you ever wondered how a mirror is made? Advancing this question: have you ever wondered how a two way mirror is made?

Today, we are going to show you how to create your own two way mirror!

Two Way Mirror

You will learn about how to apply two way mirror film to a standard piece of glass, how a standard mirror is made, and how a two way mirror is made.

So, you want to make your own two way mirror? Well, now you can! Our new video goes into detail with the process and application.

A two way mirror is great for creating infinity mirrors, improving home security, observations rooms, and more!

Standard Mirror

First, let’s start off with how a standard mirror is made.

The mirror hanging over your bathroom sink is a sheet of glass holding up an extremely thin layer of reflective metal.

Two sinks and mirrors

The metal comes in the form of a metallic salt known as silver nitrate which can be dissolved in liquid and sprayed onto the glass in a process called silvering. That’s because silver nitrate was the first stuff used for this process. These days, most mirrors are actually silvered with aluminum which is cheaper and sturdier. Ordinary mirrors are back painted to prevent oxidation, which wouldn’t work with a two way mirror. They’re coated with a dielectric layer which prevents tarnishing. 

front side two way mirror sample

But silvering doesn’t make perfect mirrors, they reflect most light, but a little is still transmitted through infinitesimal gaps in the reflective middle layer.

So, everyday mirrors receive an opaque backing like dark paint.

For more details about how a standard mirror is made, be sure to watch our new video “How A Two Way Mirror is Made (2019).

Two Way Mirror

Have you ever seen a crime show where a cop is interrogating a suspect, and there are investigators watching through a two way mirror? Also known as an observation room.

Let’s think about an observation room.

In an observation room how come the suspect sees his reflection but the cop sees the suspect? It’s a trick of the light.

two way mirror

The rest passes straight through the glass like it’s a window, which it is. A transparent mirror with its sparse silvering and lack of backing is just a very reflective window, and it’s a window from both sides.

 You can make a  transparent mirror (Two Way Mirror) by spraying an even thinner, less dense layer of silvering onto the glass, meaning it reflects less light. For example, let’s say half the light of an ordinary mirror.

The observer room is kept dark while the observees room is lit up like the Vegas strip. 

shutterstock 170331389

This is how to create and utilize a two way mirror!

Applying Two Way Mirror Film

Applying two way mirror film is extremely easy!

The video below will show you step-by-step on how to apply the two way mirror film.

Follow these simple and easy steps to apply the two way mirror film!

Step One: Clean the glass! We recommend putting on rubber gloves to make sure there are no smudges or finger prints on the glass.

Cleaning Glass
Applying Solution to the Glass

Step Two: Apply the solution to the glass.

Step Three: Peel the plastic off the film. You can do this by placing a piece of tape on each side of the two way mirror film, and slowly peeling it away.

Peeling the Film
Applying film application

Step Four: place the film onto the piece of glass.

Step Five: squeegee the film onto the mirror. You can use a scrapper tool, or even a credit card. You just want to use an object that won’t damage the film, and will release the air bubbles.

Squeegee out the air bubbles.
Reflective side of the two way mirror film.

Step six: Let it dry! It’s as easy as that!

Tell us about your project in the comments below! 

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