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When I couldn’t find a teleprompter that showed myself, I made one instead.

After countless times using a teleprompter, I realized it was missing one huge component – being able to see myself! With a quick glance, I am able to correct my posture, see how my smile looks and how I hold myself in general. For me this is extremely important because getting in front of a camera is not something that comes naturally to me. I did not go to school for public speaking, and I don’t practice daily.

It’s true, some people have it down to a science. They can feel their pose without looking, and they take so many selfies they know exactly what they look like 24/7. This is definitely not the case with me, so this became the perfect solution.

I started out with a 14″ x 18″ Smart Mirror, black vinyl, black vinyl tape, and a tablet. In reality there was a lot of adjustments on mirror size, how to black out the back, which technology to put behind the mirror, but let’s have a look at the first-yet by no means final- result:

Welcome to the Face Prompter. Please excuse my wide-eyed stare. I’m simply going from nervous excitement to the ultimate confidence. In the middle of the mirror I have my display with bullet points of what I want to talk about in my next video. Instantly, I went from drab to fabulous since it’s so much easier to adjust my look with absolutely no lag time! It only takes one sideways glance away from the camera to make all the difference in how I project myself. Save a ton of time in checking the camera, recording, stopping, checking, etc, with this instant feedback system.

Here is a closeup of the text area on my Face Prompter:

If you are recording a YouTube video, or even on stage delivering a speech, this is the perfect accessory to help you dominate. The setup is simple. At the moment it is a bit messy when you look behind, but with a little elbow grease you can make it into a solid project that can be used over and over again.

That’s where I am with this project so far. Looking forward to realizing some remaining ideas to make this a complete system where you can simply slide the tablet in the back on a shelf, turn on the camera and start recording directly through the mirror.

Hey! You with the face

Please leave a comment if this project interests you and we will go into more detail for how to create one that is more in depth!

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