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The Best Do-It-Yourself Teleprompter Guide: & Choosing the Best Mirrored Glass Option

Ever been in a situation where an expensive piece of equipment

such as a handy dandy Teleprompter,


Would be ideal to do the job at hand…

But you probably would not ever need to use it again?



But guess what?


I have compiled the simplest most convenient steps for you to build a Practical Teleprompter without spending thousands of dollars.

Not very handy?

No time to build a DIY Teleprompter?

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You will need a Screwdriver

Materials Needed:

Photo Frames TWO Photo Frames (8x10)
Continuous Hinge
ONE 8-Hole Continuous Hinge (8" x 1 1/16")
Mending Plate
TWO Mending Plates (4" x .125")
Black Shroud
ONE Black Towel or Cloth
Handful of Metal Thumbtacks
Small Screws
Handful of Small Screws (1/4")
Safety Pins
Handful of Safety Pins

Let's jump Right in!


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
Step 11
Step 12
Step 12
Step 13
Step 14
Step 15
Step 16
Step 17

Grab your frames.

Flip upside down and align.

Attach them together with a continuous hinge.

Add beamsplitter mirror to the left frame.

Fasten down.

Making progress…

Attach mending plates to the middle of the right frame.

Use attached plate as indicator for the next screw.

Fantastic work..

Repeat on opposite side.

This is what my black shroud looks like. Yours does not have to be perfect…

Fasten yours with thumbtacks.

This is what we are workin’ with now.

Just align and fasten.

Almost done…

Camera goes under here.

Your monitor goes here.

Text reflection will appear here.


You are all finished building your DIY TELEPROMPTER!!

I bet your wondering the differences between this DIY teleprompter and others on the market?




But most importantly the glass!

Introducing the finest,

Best Glass Option:

Dielectric Beamsplitter

What is a Dielectric Beamsplitter Mirror?

Simply a fancy name for our Optical Grade Teleprompter Mirror.

Quick Facts:

  • Neutral Tint-Free Light Transmission
  • Camera Records through Mirror with Flawless Quality
  • Superior Crisp Reflection of Your Scrolling Text
  • Edges of the Mirror are sanded for Your Protection
  • Available in Customized Shapes, & Sizes

NOTE: You can use standard picture frame glass. It will get the job done, But remember your video quality WILL suffer. Standard glass options will create a ghost effect and the text will appear blurry. Therefore, you will not be able to read sufficiently and when recording through the glass the precision will be minimal.

Check out our Dielectric Beamsplitter Mirror!

Highly Recommended for your DIY Teleprompter!

DIY Teleprompter Total Cost:

Money Icon

Ultimately, you can complete this DIY Teleprompter project fairly inexpensive.

In fact, you may be able to cut the cost even less

If you already own picture frames, a black cloth, or the hardware!


Teleprompter Software:


The words are showing up backward?

What do I do now?

Teleprompter software can be just as expensive and tedious as the teleprompter itself.

Considering you went the affordable route,

I would recommend downloading an inexpensive app to get the job done.

We developed MirrorScript Pro Teleprompter Software for our awesome customers! Compatible on all devices.


Featured Products:

Looking for a complete ready-to-go system?

List of Top 3 Teleprompters,

that will make your video production simple and streamline.

Ditch reading scrolling text. Focus on your body language, and facial expressions while looking in the mirror.  Recording you flawlessly through the glass with the ultimate glow!

Incredibly easy assembly. Maintain eye contact with your audience while keeping up with your script! Mount a tripod with your camera behind the glass for perfect professional results.

Combines maximum convenience and top-notch quality. Designed for busy video production superstars that want a headache free experience. Includes a built-in camera mount.

* Each System Includes Beamsplitter Mirror & MirrorScript Pro *

I'd love to hear from you!

Which teleprompter glass did you decide to use?

Contemplating the even easier route and purchasing a ready-to-go system?

Are you still undecided and need recommendations?

I can help!

Feel free to reach me directly,

I would love to answer any questions you have!

Thanks, Harley