Infinity Mirror

    If you have ever looked into an infinity mirror it is likely you did not realize it was called an infinity mirror when you see a succession of continuous frames which appear like they go on forever. It may also be likely that you created your own Infinity mirror by taking your handheld mirror and then holding it in front of another mirror with both mirrors facing one another. The result is an ongoing illusion of frames extending into infinity.

    Infinity mirrors used to be novelty items back in the 1970s and now they are back in a big way and are used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be used to create decorative tables that enhance an upscale décor, as an amazing wall display, and for use in commercial establishments as an ongoing spectacular display which can occupy an entire wall.

    infinity mirror How Infinity Mirrors Work

    Infinity mirrors create a distinctive reflection when you place two mirrors facing one another. If you place an object between the two mirrors with two different colors on each side and then look in one of the mirrors you will notice a replicating pattern in the image spacing. You will also be able to see the contrasting colors alternating with one another and extending into infinity. When the object is placed closer to one of the mirrors than the second mirror, the object reflection will alternate between being positioned closer together to being positioned farther apart and also extends back into infinity.

    The entire Infinity mirror concept is based on rays of light and the Law of Reflection where angle of incidence equals angle of reflection. When a light ray is aimed at one of the mirrors the reflected image is reflected in the second mirror and then back to the first. This process is continually replicated back and forth creating the Infinity effect of going on forever. It is possible for the Infinity pattern to be modified by small differences in the angle of the two mirrors or through the angle in which you view the pattern.

    How to Create an Infinity Mirror

    The amazing part about an Infinity mirror is they are quite easy and cost effective to create yet they provide this incredibly spectacular display. When used in a finely crafted table or wall display the design is unmatched and is the perfect accent for any décor.

    The materials you need to create an Infinity mirror are easy to obtain. All you need is four boards of 1” x 4”, cardboard backing, half-inch pieces of wood for the inner frame, Christmas lights or LED lights, a standard mirror, a two way mirror, wood glue, and poster board mat.

    Construct the outer frame of 1” x 4” boards and then the inner frame of half-inch wood. You should also drill holes in the inner frame to hold each light on the string of lights. Make the outer frame large enough to allow a 1” space between the outer frame and the inner frame.

    Place the cardboard backing and glass with the two way mirror against the back of the outer frame. This allows the two way mirror to act as a mirror.

    Attach the light sockets in each of the holes in the inner frame and allow the cord to occupy the 1” space between the outer frame and the inner frame. Place the inner frame inside of the outer frame and glue blocks of wood in all of the corners to hold both frames in place.

    Cut the poster board mat to conceal the one inch space located between the outer and inner frames and place it over the gap. Place the two way mirror so it is facing the other mirror. This allows the glass to act as a one way mirror to allow you to see the light design in the two way mirror. Apply the molding over the glass to hold it in place and make sure everything that is visible inside the frame is black.

    You can use this design to create a wall hanging or you can decide to integrate it into an Infinity table. When the lights are off, it will look just like a conventional mirror and when they are on you will see an impressive design that appears to go on forever deep inside the frame. You can use these basic tips to get started with making your own Infinity mirror and then use your creativity along the way to come up with your own unique design.